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Casein peptization, functional properties, and sensory acceptance of processed cheese spreads made with different emulsifying salts.
"Requeijão cremoso" is a traditional Brazilian processed cheese spread, showing ample acceptance on the national market. Emulsifying salts (ES) are an important factor influencing the characteristicsExpand
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The quality of Minas Frescal cheese produced by different technological processes
Abstract The present work evaluated the influence of three different cheesemaking processes on the physicochemical characteristics and the microbiological quality of the Brazilian Minas FrescalExpand
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Use of low concentration factor ultrafiltration retentates in reduced fat “Minas Frescal” cheese manufacture: Effect on composition, proteolysis, viscoelastic properties and sensory acceptance
Abstract Composition, proteolysis, viscoelastic properties and sensory acceptance of reduced fat “Minas Frescal” cheese made from low concentration factor (CF) retentates were studied. ThreeExpand
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Microstructure, texture, colour and sensory evaluation of a spreadable processed cheese analogue made with vegetable fat
Abstract ‘Requeijao cremoso’ is a spreadable processed cheese that shows ample acceptance on the Brazilian market. In this work, analogues of this cheese, made by substituting 25% and 50% of theExpand
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Effect of the type of fat on rheology, functional properties and sensory acceptance of spreadable cheese analogue
The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of different types of fat (butter oil, partially hydrogenated soybean fat and soybean oil) on the functionality, rheology and sensory acceptanceExpand
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Behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes inoculated into Minas Frescal cheese made by direct acidification or lactic culture during refrigerated storage.
The behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes Scott A artificially inoculated into Brazilian Minas Frescal cheese manufactured with the addition of a lactic culture or by direct acidification with lacticExpand
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Effect of pH and heat treatment of cheese whey on solubility and emulsifying properties of whey protein concentrate produced by ultrafiltration
Abstract The effects of pH and heat treatment of cheese whey on protein solubility (PS) at pH 4.6 and on emulsifying properties of whey protein concentrate (WPC) were studied by response surfaceExpand
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Caracterização química, reológica e aceitação sensorial do queijo petit suisse brasileiro
The chemical composition, water holding capacity, rheological properties and sensory acceptability of six commercial brands of Brazilian petit suisse cheeses collected from local markets, whereExpand
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Seleção e treinamento de julgadores para avaliação do gosto amargo em queijo prato
SUMMARY SELECTION AND SCREENING OF A DESCRITIVE PANEL FOR EVALUATION OF BITTER TASTE IN BRAZILIAN PRATO CHEESE. The bitter taste defect in Brazilian prato cheese was evaluated by sensorial tests,Expand
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Effect Of Adjunct Culture (lactobacillus Helveticus) On Proteolysis, Viscoelastic Properties And Sensory Acceptance Of Reduced Fat Prato Cheese [efeito Do Uso De Cultura Adjunta (lactobacillus
Proteolysis, viscoelastic properties and sensory acceptance of reduced fat Prato cheeses made with and without adjunt culture (AC) were evaluated. Expand
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