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What is, and what is not, Caprella acanthifera Leach, 1814 (Amphipoda, Caprellidea)? Part 1: the acanthifera-group
The taxon Caprella acanthifera auct., usually considered to be one ‘highly variable’ species, is shown here to consist of a number of closely related species. In this paper three species of the groupExpand
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Associations between amphipods (Crustacea: Amphipoda) and sea anemones (Anthozoa: Actiniaria)
Published and unpublished records of amp hip od-sea anemone associations are reviewed. They involve at least 22 amphipod species in 7 families, and 8 families of sea anemones. The associations are ofExpand
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Terrestrial amphipoda collected in greenhouses in the Netherlands
During the years 1942-1949 investigations were made on the fauna of the greenhouses of several Botanic Gardens in the Netherlands, on the initiative of Dr. A. D. J. Meeuse; material was alsoExpand
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Revision of the amphipod (Crustacea) family Stegocephalidae
The amphipod (Crustacea) family Stegocephalidae Dana, 1852 is revised, and the results of a phylogenetic analysis of the family are presented. The morphological information, obtained mainly throughExpand
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Age/size relations and food of two snailfishes, Liparis gibbus and Careproctus reinhardii (Teleostei, Liparididae) from Spitsbergen coastal waters
SummaryThe snailfish family Liparididae was well represented in bottom trawl hauls (205–370 m) from the Spitsbergen area, with Liparis gibbus being the dominant species. Careproctus reinhardti wasExpand
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Persistent organochlorines and mercury in eggs of Norwegian seabirds 1983
Abstract Eggs of shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis , herring gulls Larus argentatus , kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla , common guillemots Uria aalgae , razorbills Alca torda and puffins Fratercula arcticaExpand
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On some maerid and melitid material (Crustacea: Amphipoda) collected by the Hourglass Cruises (Florida). Part 2: Genera Dulichiella and Elasmopus, with a key to world Elasmopus
This paper deals with some of the Amphipoda Maeridae and Melitidae, i.e. one species in the genus Dulichiella and two in Elasmopus, collected during the Hourglass cruises, a 28-month samplingExpand
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