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Prophylactic Mastectomy or Screening in Women Suspected to Have the BRCA1/2 Mutation
Background. Women suspected to have the BRCA1/2 mutation may choose between two management options: breast cancer screening and prophylactic mastectomy (PM). Objectives. To compare women's treatmentExpand
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Accelerated radiotherapy with carbogen and nicotinamide (ARCON) for laryngeal cancer.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Tumor hypoxia and tumor cell repopulation are known factors determining radiation response. Accelerated radiotherapy as a method to counteract cellular repopulation wasExpand
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Do patients with localized prostate cancer treatment really want more aggressive treatment?
PURPOSE Examine whether patients with prostate cancer choose the more aggressive of two radiotherapeutic options, whether this choice is reasoned, and what the determinants of the choice are. Expand
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Do prostate cancer patients want to choose their own radiation treatment?
PURPOSE The aims of this study were to investigate whether prostate cancer patients want to be involved in the choice of the radiation dose, and which patients want to be involved. METHODS ANDExpand
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Risk Attitude in Gambles with Years of Life
According to prospect theory, risk attitude changes depending on whether a prospect is perceived as a gain or a loss relative to a reference or aspiration level. To investigate risk attitude withExpand
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Depletion of donor lymphocytes by counterflow centrifugation successfully prevents acute graft-versus-host disease in matched allogeneic marrow transplantation.
Bone marrow from 22 histocompatible siblings was depleted of 98% of the lymphocytes using a combination of density flotation centrifugation followed by counterflow elutriation. Even with the marrowExpand
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Radiotherapy with carbogen breathing and nicotinamide in head and neck cancer: feasibility and toxicity.
The feasibility and early toxicity of radiotherapy with carbogen breathing and nicotinamide was tested in 74 head and neck cancer patients. Forty patients with laryngeal and hypopharyngeal tumorsExpand
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Infrastructure for radiotherapy in The Netherlands: development from 1970 to 2010.
In 1993 the radiotherapy advisory committee of the Dutch Health Council published its report on the developments of infrastructure for radiotherapy in The Netherlands during the last 10 years and theExpand
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Administration of nicotinamide during a five- to seven-week course of radiotherapy: pharmacokinetics, tolerance, and compliance.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Nicotinamide was administered daily as a liquid formulation to head and neck cancer patients receiving a 5- to 7-week course of radiotherapy. The pharmacokinetics, compliance,Expand
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Radiation-induced head and neck tumours: is the skin as sensitive as the thyroid gland?
Six hundred and five persons, randomly selected from a cohort of 2400 patients who had been irradiated 16-46 yr previously for benign diseases in the head and neck region, were traced, recalled andExpand
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