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Molecular phylogenies of figs and their pollinator wasps
The terminator circuit and the driver/terminator circuit provide termination of an interface node to one of a first and a second voltage potential selected according to a previous logic value sampled on the input node at a time determined by a clock signal. Expand
Nuclear DNA markers of the Australian tetraploid Microseris scapigera and its North American diploid relatives
A phylogenetic tree of various North American diploids, based on RFLPs in the nuclear DNA, confirmed the division of the allotetraploid lactucean Microseris scapigera into a clade containing the diploid annuals and a clades containing thediploid perennials. Expand
Hypervariable DNA Fingerprint Loci in Microseris pygmaea (Asteraceae, Lactuceae)
DNA fingerprinting patterns in DNA of Microseris pygmaea after restriction enzyme digestion are revealed and the hypervariability of the GATA-fingerprint loci contrasts with a low variability of other genetic markers in M. pyGmaea and with a more complex but less variable GATA -fingerprint pattern in related species. Expand
Generation of a YAC contig encompassing the extra glume gene, eg, in rice.
Using an F2 population segregating for eg, a partial molecular map was constructed and eg was located relative to restriction fragment length polymorphism markers and it is anticipated that the tagging of eg in a relatively short stretch of DNA will allow a molecular characterization of this gene through map-based cloning. Expand
Intraspecific evolution ofMicroseris pygmaea (Asteraceae, Lactuceae) analyzed by cosegregation of phenotypic characters (QTLs) and molecular markers (RAPDs)
The Chilean annual,Microseris pygmaea, has differentiated in distinct coastal and inland series of populations after long-distance dispersal from western North America and begins to be understood at the level of single-gene mutants. Expand