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Catalytic dehydration of glycerol over vanadium phosphate oxides in the presence of molecular oxygen
Abstract We report the dehydration of glycerol over vanadium phosphate oxide (VPO) catalysts. Catalytic reactions were conducted in a gas-phase fixed-bed reactor at temperatures from 250 to 350 °CExpand
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Reaction of ethanol over hydroxyapatite affected by Ca/P ratio of catalyst
Abstract The mineral hydroxyapatite [HAP; Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2] is the chief component of animal bones and teeth. It also is known to function as a catalyst with both acid and base sites, depending on theExpand
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Production of acrolein and acrylic acid through dehydration and oxydehydration of glycerol with mixed oxide catalysts
Abstract Dehydration of glycerol solution and further oxidation have been investigated with different mixed oxide catalysts. Among them, iron phosphates were found to be highly active and selectiveExpand
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Active centers, catalytic behavior, symbiosis and redox properties of MoV(Nb,Ta)TeO ammoxidation catalysts
Selective as well as waste forming active centers were defined for MoVNbTeO and MoVTaTeO catalysts in the ammoxidation of propane to acrylonitrile and all catalytic functionalities were assigned toExpand
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Facile Preparation of Three-Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous Alumina, Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Manganese Oxide, and Their Mixed-Metal Oxides with High Porosity
This paper describes a facile method to produce three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) alumina, iron oxide, manganese oxide, chromium oxide, and their mixed-metal oxides. An ethylene glycolExpand
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Mo–V–M–O (M=Al, Fe, Cr and Ti) complex metal oxide catalysts have been prepared by hydrothermal synthesis for the first time and showed activity for the partial oxidation of ethane to ethene andExpand
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Layered perovskite oxide: a reversible air electrode for oxygen evolution/reduction in rechargeable metal-air batteries.
For the development of a rechargeable metal-air battery, which is expected to become one of the most widely used batteries in the future, slow kinetics of discharging and charging reactions at theExpand
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Direct Synthesis of n-Butanol from Ethanol over Nonstoichiometric Hydroxyapatite
n-Butanol is an important industrial chemical usually produced by the oxo process, an expensive, energy-consuming set of reactions over metal catalysts, using petrochemical raw materials at highExpand
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Structure characterization of orthorhombic phase in MoVTeNbO catalyst by powder X-ray diffraction and XANES
Abstract The structure of the pure orthorhombic phase of the MoVTeNbO catalyst used for propane selective oxidation to acrylic acid was characterized by a combination of XANES and XRD. The vanadium KExpand
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