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A 2.023 Ga age for the Vredefort impact event and a first report of shock metamorphosed zircons in pseudotachylitic breccias and Granophyre
Abstract U Pb isotope systematics of shock metamorphosed zircon grains from pseudotachylitic breccias and Granophyre from the controversial Vredefort Structure, South Africa, provide new andExpand
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Experimental shock deformation in zircon: a transmission electron microscopic study
Abstract In recent years, apparently shock-induced and, thus, impact-characteristic microdeformations, in the form of planar microdeformation features and so-called strawberry (granular) texture,Expand
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Geochemistry of intermediate to siliceous volcanic rocks of the Rooiberg Group, Bushveld Magmatic Province, South Africa
Abstract.The volcanic Rooiberg Group represents the earliest phase of Bushveld-related magmatism and comprises, in some areas, the floor and roof rocks of the mafic–ultramafic intrusive units of theExpand
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Impact Origin of the Chesapeake Bay Structure and the Source of the North American Tektites
Seismic profiles, drill core samples, and gravity data suggest that a complex impact crater ∼35.5 million years old and 90 kilometers in diameter is buried beneath the lower Chesapeake Bay. TheExpand
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Laser argon dating of melt breccias from the Siljan impact structure, Sweden: Implications for a possible relationship to Late Devonian extinction events
In earlier studies, the 6575 km diameter Siljan impact structure in Sweden has been linked to the Late Devonian mass extinction event. The Siljan impact event has previously been dated by KAr andExpand
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Petrology and geochemistry of target rocks from the Bosumtwi impact structure, Ghana, and comparison with Ivory Coast tektites
The 10.5 km diameter Bosumtwi crater in Ghana, West Africa, is the most likely source crater for the Ivory Coast tektites, as the tektites and the crater have the same age (1.07 Ma), and there areExpand
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An appraisal of the ages of terrestrial impact structures
Abstract There are 174 confirmed impact structures known on Earth (e.g., http://www.unb.ca/passc/ImpactDatabase/ ; late 2008) but a far smaller number of impact structures has yielded aExpand
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Lithostratigraphic and petrographic analysis of ICDP drill core LB-07A, Bosumtwi impact structure, Ghana
Lithostratigraphic and petrographic studies of drill core samples from the 545.08 m deep International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) borehole LB-07A in the Bosumtwi impact structureExpand
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Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic compositions of the Rooiberg Group, South Africa: early Bushveld-related volcanism
The Rooiberg Group is a 6-km-thick sequence of mostly volcanic rocks, which represent the first phase of magmatic activity associated with the Bushveld Complex. These strata include, in ascendingExpand
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