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The European Gravimetric Quasigeoid EGG97 - An IAG Supported Continental Enterprise -
In 1990, the Institut fur Erdmessung (IfE), University of Hannover, started with the calculation of a gravimetric (quasi)geoid for Europe and the surrounding marine areas, operating as the computingExpand
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Geschichte der Geodäsie in Deutschland
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The European Gravimetric Quasigeoid EGG96
Within the frame of the European Geoid Project of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) a significantly improved geoid/quasigeoid model for Europe and surrounding areas was computed at theExpand
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Investigation of Different Methods for the Combination of Gravity and GPS/Levelling Data †
Two different methods for the combined computation of the quasigeoid are compared in a test area in Germany. Both methods are based on the remove-restore technique and use the global geopotentialExpand
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The International Association of Geodesy 1862 to 1922: from a regional project to an international organization
Abstract.Geodesy, by definition, requires international collaboration on a global scale. An organized cooperation started in 1862, and has become today’s International Association of Geodesy (IAG).Expand
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Gravity and Height Variations Connected with the Current Rifting Episode in Northern Iceland
Abstract Following a first gravity survey in 1938, high-precision gravity measurements with LaCoste-Romberg gravimeters have been carried out in northern Iceland, in 1965, 1970/ 1971 and 1975, inExpand
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Geodesy, an introduction
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5 Methods of Measurement
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European Gravimetric Geoid: Status Report 1994
This paper describes the current status of the European quasigeoid calculation performed at the Institut fur Erdmessung (IfE). Emphasis is put on the progress made in data collection (gravity andExpand
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Absolute and relative gravimetric surveys of national and geodynamic networks in Venezuela
Abstract Precise absolute and relative gravimeter observations were performed in Venezuela in the fall of 1988 for the purpose of (1) establishing a station of the International Absolute GravityExpand
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