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Optical quantum memory
Quantum memory is essential for the development of many devices in quantum information processing, including a synchronization tool that matches various processes within a quantum computer, an
Violation of Bell Inequalities by Photons More Than 10 km Apart
A Franson-type test of Bell inequalities by photons 10.9 km apart is presented. Energy-time entangled photon pairs are measured using two-channel analyzers, leading to a violation of the inequalities
Real-world two-photon interference and proof-of-principle quantum key distribution immune to detector attacks.
The first proof-of-principle implementation of a new quantum-key-distribution protocol that is immune to any such attack is reported, and the feasibility of controlled two-photon interference in a real-world environment is established.
Quantum memory for nonstationary light fields based on controlled reversible inhomogeneous broadening
We propose a method for efficient storage and recall of arbitrary nonstationary light fields, such as, for instance, single photon time-bin qubits or intense fields, in optically dense atomic
Pulsed Energy-Time Entangled Twin-Photon Source for Quantum Communication
A pulsed source of energy-time entangled photon pairs pumped by a standard laser diode is proposed and demonstrated. The basic states can be distinguished by their time of arrival. This greatly
Broadband waveguide quantum memory for entangled photons
The authors' broadband quantum memory complements the family of robust, integrated lithium niobate devices and simplifies frequency-matching of light with matter interfaces in advanced applications of quantum communication, bringing fully quantum-enabled networks a step closer.
Spectral multiplexing for scalable quantum photonics using an atomic frequency comb quantum memory and feed-forward control.
This work shows how to employ spectrally multiplexed states and memories with fixed storage times that allow such mapping between spectral modes, and demonstrates storage followed by the required feed-forward-controlled frequency manipulation.
A photonic quantum information interface
A demonstration of qubit transfer between photons of wavelength 1,310 nm and 710‬nm is reported, a nonlinear up-conversion process, with a success probability of greater than 5 per cent.
Photonic entanglement for fundamental tests and quantum communication
A generalized concept of qubit entanglement is given and the state of the art of photonic experiments is reviewed to discuss the role of entangled photons in quantum computation and communication.
Quantum Cryptography using larger alphabets
An increased error rate is found compared to two-dimensional systems, hence an advantage for the legitimate users to detect an eavesdropper, and an experimental realization using an interferometric setup is proposed.