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Nongeometric flux compactifications
We investigate a simple class of type-II string compactifications which incorporate nongeometric ``fluxes'' in addition to ``geometric flux'' and the usual H-field and R-R fluxes. TheseExpand
Type IIA Moduli Stabilization
We demonstrate that flux compactifications of type IIA string theory can classically stabilize all geometric moduli. For a particular orientifold background, we explicitly construct an infiniteExpand
Two-dimensional QCD is a string theory
I explore the possibility of finding an equivalent string representation of two-dimensional QCD. I develop the large N expansion of the QCD2 partition function on an arbitrary two-dimensionalExpand
Twists and Wilson Loops in the String Theory of Two Dimensional QCD
Abstract The string theory that describes two-dimensional QCD in an asymptotic 1/ N expansion is investigated further. A complete geometrical description of the QCD partition function on an arbitraryExpand
Classifying bases for 6D F-theory models
We classify six-dimensional F-theory compactifications in terms of simple features of the divisor structure of the base surface of the elliptic fibration. This structure controls the minimal spectrumExpand
Inflationary Constraints on Type IIA String Theory
We prove that inflation is forbidden in the most well understood class of semi-realistic type IIA string compactifications: Calabi-Yau compactifications with only standard NS-NS 3-form flux, R-RExpand
Generalized flux vacua
We consider type II string theory compactified on a symmetric T6/2 orientifold. We study a general class of discrete deformations of the resulting four-dimensional supergravity theory, includingExpand
Spherical membranes in m(atrix) theory
We consider membranes of spherical topology in uncompactified Matrix theory. In general for large membranes Matrix theory reproduces the classical membrane dynamics up to 1/N corrections; for certainExpand
The singular geometry of the sliver
We consider ``sliver'' states which act as projection operators in the matter star product of Witten's cubic string field theory. These sliver states, which might be associated with Dp-branes, areExpand
Enumerating flux vacua with enhanced symmetries
We study properties of flux vacua in type IIB string theory in several simple but illustrative models. We initiate the study of the relative frequencies of vacua with vanishing superpotential W = 0Expand