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Using objective physical activity measures with youth: how many days of monitoring are needed?
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to establish the minimal number of days of monitoring required for accelerometers to assess usual physical activity in children. METHODS A total of 381Expand
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Evaluation of Bus Priority Signal Strategies in Ann Arbor, Michigan
With the emergence of intelligent transportation system technologies there has been a renewed interest in the bus priority signal (BPS). The effect of providing the BPS treatment on the WashtenawExpand
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Analysis of intersection delay under real-time adaptive signal control
The United States Department of Transportation has recently begun implementation of the national demonstration project for suburban Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) utilizing the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS). Expand
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Determination of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in commercial comfrey products (Symphytum sp.).
The presence of hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey (Symphytum sp.) and the widespread use of decoctions of this plant as a beverage (herbal tea) are of increasing concern. A method forExpand
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Biomedical risk factors for hospital admission in older adults.
OBJECTIVES This study examines the influence of risk factors such as cigarette smoking, blood pressure, serum cholesterol, or chronic illness on frequency of hospital admission in a population-basedExpand
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Evaluation of Michigan 70-mph Speed Limit
On August 1, 1996, the speed limit on certain sections of Michigan freeways increased from 104.6 to 112.6 km/h (65 to 70 mph). This was due to the Michigan Legislature passing a bill that permittedExpand
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Some chemical and physiological properties of 3-indolylpyruvic acid.
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Vascular problems of the lower extremity in athletes.
The vascular anatomy of the lower extremity predisposes the popliteal area to traumatic injury owing to tethering at the adductor hiatus and the soleus arch. Knee dislocations should be followed withExpand
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Preparticipation Screening of College Athletes: Value of the Complete Blood Cell Count.
In brief: A retrospective study of 1,067 college athletes was done to determine the prevalence of certain abnormalities in their preseason complete blood cell count. The authors analyzed the valuesExpand
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The Inverse of a Tridiagonal Matrix
Abstract : The closed form inverse of a fairly general tridiagonal matrix is given. The restriction is that the off-diagonal elements in the tridiagonal band be nonzero. If the elements of the matrixExpand
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