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Receptor-like kinase SOBIR1/EVR interacts with receptor-like proteins in plant immunity against fungal infection
The plant immune system is activated by microbial patterns that are detected as nonself molecules. Such patterns are recognized by immune receptors that are cytoplasmic or localized at the plasmaExpand
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The diverse roles of NB-LRR proteins in plants
Plant innate immunity relies on specialised immune receptors that can detect and defend against a wide variety of microbes. The first group of receptors comprises the transmembrane pathogen- orExpand
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Disease resistance proteins of the NBS-LRR class: molecular switches of plant defense
t Mostt plant disease resistanc e (/?) genes known today encode proteins with a central nucleotidee binding site (NBS) and a C-terminal leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain. Thee NBS contains threeExpand
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