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Zero-voltage-switching multi-resonant technique-a novel approach to improve performance of high frequency quasi-resonant converters
  • W. Tabisz, F. Lee
  • Engineering
  • PESC '88 Record., 19th Annual IEEE Power…
  • 11 April 1988
The power transistor in zero-current-switched quasiresonant converters (ZCS-QRCs) suffers from excessive voltage stress, and the converter regulation characteristics and stability are adverselyExpand
Present and future of distributed power systems
The current stage of development of distributed power systems is presented. Various DC-bus and AC-bus distributed power system architectures are discussed. System integration issues related toExpand
Zero-voltage-switched quasi-resonant buck and flyback converters — Experimental results at 10 MHz1
Experimental results of buck and flyback zero-voltage-switched quasi-resonant converters (ZVS-QRCs) operating above 5 MHz are presented. A design procedure is presented that minimizes voltage stressExpand
High-frequency quasi-resonant and multi-resonant converter technologies
ContentsResonant-switch topologies operating under the principle of zero-current switching and zero-voltage switching are introduced to minimize switching losses, stresses and noises. Employing theExpand
A comparative study of high-frequency, low-profile planar transformer technologies
A study several of available technologies used to construct low-profile, planar transformers is presented. Finite element analysis is used to determine an appropriate winding configuration with lowExpand
DC analysis and design of zero-voltage-switched multi-resonant converters
  • W. Tabisz, F. Lee
  • Engineering, Mathematics
  • 20th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists…
  • 26 June 1989
Recently introduced multiresonant converters (MRCs) provide zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of both active and passive switches and offer a substantial reduction of transistor voltage stress and anExpand
Class C-E high-efficiency tuned power amplifier
A numerical analysis of a Class C-E tuned power amplifier is presented, along with a design procedure and experimental results, and the tradeoff between the efficiency and the maximum operating frequency is evaluated for all three classes, using nonlinear time-domain simulation. Expand
Design of a 10 kW, 500 kHz phase-shift controlled series-resonant inverter for induction heating
A phase-shift-controlled series-resonant inverter is used as power supply for a 10 kW, 500 kHz induction heating system. Analysis of the system for power regulation with zero voltage switching isExpand
High-frequency off-line power conversion using zero-voltage-switching quasi-resonant and multiresonant techniques
The characteristics and limitations of the half-bridge zero-voltage-switched (ZVS) quasi-resonant converters (QRCs) are described. A novel multiresonant concept is proposed for the half-bridgeExpand
High-frequency multi-resonant power conversion techniques