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The Biology of Dianthera americana L.
Gray's Manual of Botany states that it is to be found "in water, Que. to Wise, and Vt., s. to Ga. and Tex. July-Sept." Small's Manual of the Southeastern Flora states that it occurs on "beds, shores,Expand
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Southern swamps and marshes
Introduction 413 Relation to Sea Level 414 Terminology 415 List of Major Types of Swamps and Marshes 416 Deep Fresh-Water Swamps 418 Shallow Fresh-Water Swamps 42C Peaty Fresh-Water Swamps 422Expand
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The effect of physical factors on the structure of leaves has long been a popular subject for investigation. Most of the researches have been concerned with plants growing under field conditions,Expand
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A phytosociological study of an evergreen Oak forest in the vicinity of New Orleans, Louisiana.
The evergreen oak forest in the vicinity of New Orleans corresponds to Forest Cover Type No. 78 of the report of the Committee on Forest Types (Hawley, et al, 1932). This type is referred to as theExpand
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Phytosociological Studies in the Pinelands of Southeastern Louisiana
The Florida Parishes of Southeastern Louisiana include hardwood uplands, mixed shortleaf and hardwood uplands, longleaf pine hills and longelaf pine flats. The longleaf pine flats, which are theExpand
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The Biology of Achyranthes philoxeroides (Mart.) Standley
Flora lists it as growing in "low waste places, ponds, ditches, bayous, and slow streams, Coastal Plain, Fla. to La. and N.C." He adds that "in southern Louisiana this plant is as much of a pest asExpand
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The Vegetation of Stock Pond Dams in Central Oklahoma
The State of Oklahoma possessed 188 artificial lakes and 71,000 impounded stock ponds as of January 1, 1947 (Okla. Planning and Resources Board, 1947). Although construction of impoundments hasExpand
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Ecological Anatomy of Siomne Deciduous Forest Plants
A survey of the literature on ecological anatomy of forest plants shows that, in America, little has been done along this line. Many workers have touched upon certain detached phases of the problem,Expand
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The Savanna Concept in Oklahoma
of plantations of red pine, Pinus resinosa Ait., which within 32 years had attained on exposed substrata of coarse glacial outwash an average height of 35 feet and yielded 1,280 cu ft or 17 cords perExpand
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