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Quantum Statistical Mechanics
The preceding formulation of statistical mechanics is perhaps the simplest application of probability theory to the many-body problem. Although it is consistent with the principles of quantum
Kinetic Theory: Classical, Quantum, and Relativistic Descriptions
The Liouville Equation. Analyses of the Liouville Equation. The Boltzmann Equation, Fluid Dynamics, and Irreversibility. Assorted Kinetic Equations with Applications to Plasmas and Neutral Fluids.
Backscatter and extinction in water clouds
An approximate relation between the volume extinction coefficient σe and backscatter coefficient σb of atmospheric cloud at visible and near-infrared wavelengths is derived. The relation is only
Scattering of Waves from Large Spheres
Preface 1. Classical scattering 2. Scattering of scalar waves 3. Scattering of electromagnetic waves from spherical targets 4. First applications of the Mie solution 5. Short-wavelength scattering by
Entropy and the time evolution of macroscopic systems
1. Introduction 2. Some Clarification from Another Direction 3. The Probability Connection 4. Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics 5. The Presumed Extensivity of Entropy 6.
Maximum-Entropy and Bayesian Methods in Inverse Problems
Incomplete Information and Generalized Inverse Problems.- Where Do We Go from Here?.- to Minimum-Cross-Entropy Spectral Analysis of Multiple Signals.- On an Alleged Breakdown of the Maximum-Entropy
The Explicit Nonlinearity of Quantum Electrodynamics
The underlying presumptions and principal features of major semiclassical theories of radiation are examined critically. There are significant physical and mathematical difficulties leading to the
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics of Leptons and Fields
1 Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics.- A. Review of the Formalism.- Space-Time Symmetries.- The Spinor Representation.- B. Electromagnetic Fields and Spin.- Inclusion of the Spin.- Uniform Magnetic