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The Feather Mite Genus Proctophyllodes( Sarcoptiformes: Proctopbyllodidae )
A systematic reVlSlon is presented for the genus Proctophyllodes, with fifty-three named and seventy new species recognized and described.
The feather mite family Xolalgidae, Dubinin, new status (feather mites, Sarcoptiforms, Analgoidea) - The subfamily Ingrassiinae, n. sub-fam.
The Analgid subfamily Xolalginae, Dubinin 1953, is elevated to familial rank, redefined and divided into three new subfamilies: IngrassiINAe, Xolgalinae stricto sensu and Zumptiinae.
The identity of Pterolichus obtusus Robin, 1877 with descriptions of new genera and species of feather mites (Acarina, Pterolichidae) from the Galliformes (Aves)
Several unnamed genera are confused under the name Pterolichus Robin. Four of these and their type species are (re)described: Pterolichus Robin, type species P. obtusus Robin from Gallus gallus
A New Subfamily and Genus of Feather Mites from Hummingbirds (Acarina: Proctophyllodidae)
Rhamphocaulinae, new subfamily, Rhamphocaulus, new genus, with Proctophyllodes (Alloptes) aviculocaulis Trouessart (1886) as type species and 2 new species, R. sinuatus and R. vachoni, are described.
Feather mites (Acarina) of the parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus (Shaw) (Aves: Psittacidae).
The parakeet (or budgerigar) has been transported to many regions of the world, and two species of feather mites, Protolichus lunula (Robin) and Dubininia melopsittaci n.
Pararalichus gen.n. (Acarina, Pterolichidae) from New World parrots (Aves, Psittacidae)
Two species groups, from species of Brotogeris Vigors and Touit Gray, respectively, include two named and ten new species, all of which are Central and South American parrots.