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Mars Exploration Rover Athena Panoramic Camera (Pancam) investigation
[1] The Panoramic Camera (Pancam) investigation is part of the Athena science payload launched to Mars in 2003 on NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rover (MER) missions. The scientific goals of the PancamExpand
A new major SETI project based on Project Serendip data and 100
We are now developing an innovative SETI project, tentatively named seti@home, involving massively parallel computation on desktop computers scattered around the world. Expand
Cosmic Noise: A History of Early Radio Astronomy
1. Prologue 2. Searching for solar hertzian waves 3. Jansky and his star static 4. Grote Reber: science in your backyard 5. Wartime discovery of the radio sun 6. Hey's army group after the warExpand
The Early Years of Radio Astronomy
Eavesdropping: the radio signature of the Earth.
In addition to searches for purposeful signals, those attempting interstellar communication should also consider the possibility of eavesdropping on radio emissions inadvertently "leaking" from otherExpand
Classics in Radio Astronomy
A catalog of radio, optical, and infrared observations of spiral galaxies in clusters
On presente les resultats d'un programme d'observations des luminosites, couleurs et contenus en gaz des galaxies spirales dans les amas. Les donnees ont ete utilisees pour reviser l'echelle desExpand