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The TianQin project: current progress on science and technology
TianQin is a planned space-based gravitational wave (GW) observatory consisting of three earth orbiting satellites with an orbital radius of about $10^5~{\rm km}$. The satellites will form aExpand
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A facile and simple method for synthesis of graphene oxide quantum dots from black carbon
Synthesis of graphene oxide quantum dots (GO-dots) often requires strong concentrated acid, and takes a long time. Herein, we used black carbon as a precursor and H2O2 as a facile oxidant andExpand
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A dual-response near-infrared fluorescent probe for rapid detecting thiophenol and its application in water samples and bio-imaging.
Thiophenol is widely known as a highly toxic substance that can cause serious harm to the environment and health. Rapid and non-destructive detection of thiophenol is of great significance forExpand
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Friction Stir Brazing: a Novel Process for Fabricating Al/Steel Layered Composite and for Dissimilar Joining of Al to Steel
A novel process of friction stir brazing (FSB) for fabricating Al/steel layered composite (by multipass) and for joining Al to steel (by single pass) was proposed to avoid the wear of pin by steel,Expand
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Comparative study of the discrete velocity and lattice Boltzmann methods for rarefied gas flows through irregular channels.
Rooted from the gas kinetics, the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is a powerful tool in modeling hydrodynamics. In the past decade, it has been extended to simulate rarefied gas flows beyond theExpand
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Nickel-decorated graphene nanoplates for enhanced H2 sorption properties of magnesium hydride at moderate temperatures
Magnesium hydride is considered as an ideal candidate for effective hydrogen storage due to its high gravimetric hydrogen capacity and accessibility. But its use as a commercial material is hinderedExpand
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NiCo-LDH nanowires@nanosheets core-shell structure grown on carbon fiber cloth for high performance flexible supercapacitor electrode
Abstract In this paper, a facile two-step method was adopted to in-situ develop a flexible electrode with NiCo-LDH nanowires@NiCo-LDH nanosheets core-shell structure on carbon fiber cloth (CFC). TheExpand
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Validation and comparison of a rapid liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for serum 25OHD with the efficiency of separating 3-epi 25OHD3.
OBJECTIVES To develop a rapid liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method with ability to separate 3-epi 25OHD3 (EPI-LC-MS/MS) from 25OHD3, and evaluate the effects of 3-epiExpand
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Can we find steady-state solutions to multiscale rarefied gas flows within dozens of iterations?
We put forward a general synthetic iteration scheme (GSIS) to find the steady-state solutions of general rarefied gas flows within dozens of iterations at any Knudsen number. Expand
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Band-stop filters based on a coupled circular ring metal–insulator–metal resonator containing nonlinear material
An all-optical plasmonic filter based on a metal–insulator–metal (MIM) waveguide coupled with a circular ring resonator containing a Kerr nonlinear medium is proposed and numerically investigated.Expand
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