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Optimizing the micropropagation protocol for the endangered Aloe polyphylla: can meta-topolin and its derivatives serve as replacement for benzyladenine and zeatin?
Benzyladenine (BA) is the most widely used cytokinin in the micropropagation industry due to its effectiveness and affordability. It, however, has disadvantages such as genetic alteration andExpand
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Changes in cytokinin and auxin concentrations in seaweed concentrates when stored at an elevated temperature
Two seaweed concentrates were made from the kelps Ecklonia maxima and Macrocystis pyrifera using a cell burst method. Cytokinin- and auxin-like activities were measured using the soybean callus andExpand
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Solving the problem of shoot-tip necrosis in Harpagophytum procumbens by changing the cytokinin types, calcium and boron concentrations in the medium
Abstract Various experiments were conducted to characterize and control factors affecting shoot-tip necrosis (STN) in Harpagophytum procumbens . Higher cytokinin concentrations increased theExpand
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Abscisic acid, gibberellins and brassinosteroids in Kelpak®, a commercial seaweed extract made from Ecklonia maxima
The seaweed extract Kelpak® made from the kelp Ecklonia maxima is registered as a biostimulant for use in agriculture. It elicits many beneficial responses including improved root and shoot growth,Expand
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Factors contributing to in vitro shoot-tip necrosis and their physiological interactions
Plant tissue culture plays an important role in the production and conservation of plant species. Its application, however, is hindered by some growth abnormalities such as shoot-tip necrosis (STN)Expand
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The role of topolins in micropropagation and somaclonal variation of banana cultivars ‘Williams’ and ‘Grand Naine’ (Musa spp. AAA)
The effect of the cytokinins mT (meta-topolin), mTR (meta-topolin riboside), MemT (meta-methoxy topolin) and MemTR (meta-methoxy topolin riboside) on micropropagation of banana cultivars ‘Williams’Expand
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Potential antiradical and alpha-glucosidase inhibitors from Ecklonia maxima (Osbeck) Papenfuss.
Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors play a potential role in the treatment of type 2 diabetes by delaying glucose absorption in the small intestine. Ecklonia maxima, a brown alga which grows abundantly onExpand
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Cytokinins in macroalgae
Thirty-one seaweeds were collected from the warmer KwaZulu-Natal coast and the cooler Cape waters (South Africa). Plant material was extracted with 70% ethanol supplemented with deuterium labelledExpand
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Toxicity of Metal Elements on Germination and Seedling Growth of Widely Used Medicinal Plants Belonging to Hyacinthaceae
In South Africa, pollution of agricultural soils is on the increase primarily due to excessive application of fertilizers, sewage disposal and mining activities. This study was done to determine theExpand
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Changes in lipid, protein and pigment concentrations in nitrogen-stressed Chlorella minutissima cultures
Many changes occur in the biochemical composition of microalgae in response to stress conditions. In the present study, two nitrogen-stressed Chlorella minutissima strains (MACC 360 and 452) wereExpand
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