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Artificial Bee Beds for the Propagation of the Alkali Bee, Nomia melander
The construction of artificial beds for the propagation of the alkali bee ( Nomia melanderi Ckll.) was achieved by duplicating the texture, moisture, and alkalinity of the native soils in which theExpand
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Time related decay in prey antigens ingested by the predator Podisus maculiventris (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) as detected by ELISA
SummaryIndividual nymphs of the predaceous pentatomid Podisus maculiventris Say were each fed a single first instar Douglas Fir tussock moth larva, Orgyia pseudotsugata McDunnough, and held withoutExpand
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Effect of temperature on development and survival in post-diapausing alfalfa leafcutting bee prepupae and pupae (Megachile rotundata (F.): Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). I. High temperatures.
Pupae and prepupae of developing leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata (F.) were exposed to 45? and 50?C for periods of 15 minutes to 3 hours. The 50?C treatments caused total mor tality regardlessExpand
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The Effect of Sublethal Doses of Parathion on Honeybee Behaviour. I. Oral Administration and the Communication Dance
SummaryThe oral sublethal dose of parathion in honeybees was determined as less than 0–03 μg per bee. Sublethal doses of parathion prevented bees from communicating the direction of a food source toExpand
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The Effect of Sublethal Doses of Parathion. II. Site of Parathion Activity, and Signal Integration
SummaryComparison of dance angles of parathion-treated bees on vertical and on horizontal comb revealed that poison-induced deviations were minimal or absent on the horizontal plane. MarkedExpand
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Effect of temperature on development and survival in post-diapausing leafcutting bee pupae (Megachile rotundata (F.)). II. Low temperature.
At the time of the first male emergence leafcutting bee cells were exposed to temperatures of 4.4?, 15.6?, 18.3?, 21.1? and 23.9?C for one to 16 consecutive days; to a diurnal cycle of 15.6? andExpand
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Propagation of the leaf-cutter bee for alfalfa seed production
Published September 1962. Facts and recommendations in this publication may no longer be valid. Please look for up-to-date information in the OSU Extension Catalog:Expand
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Light refractive emergence rhythm in the leafcutter bee,Megachile rotundata (F.) (Hymenoptera: Apoidea
Erniedrigung der Temperatur auf 14°C erlaubt eine weitgehende Synchronisation des Schlüpfens der Imagines der BlattschneiderbieneMegachile rotundata. Die Lichtverhältnisse haben keinen Einfluss aufExpand
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