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The strobilurins--new antifungal antibiotics from the basidiomycete Strobilurus tenacellus.
The strobilurins are two antifungal antibiotics which were isolated from the mycelium of Strobilurus tenacellus strain No. 21602. The strobilurins A and B are highly active against yeasts andExpand
Strobilurins: Evolution of a New Class of Active Substances.
A fungus that grows on pinecones yields a compound with antifungal activity that has become the natural model for a significant innovation in crop protection. Variation and optimization of the leadExpand
Oudemansin, strobilurin A, strobilurin B and myxothiazol: new inhibitors of the bc 1 segment of the respiratory chain with an E‐β‐methoxyacrylate system as common structural element
The inhibitory action and binding characteristics of the new anti-fungal antibiotic myxothiazol has been described in [ 1,2]. Like antimycin, myxothiazol binds very tightly, inhibiting the electronExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. XVIII. Strobilurin C and oudemansin B, two new antifungal metabolites from Xerula species (Agaricales).
Two new antifungal (E)-beta-methoxyacrylates, strobilurin C and oudemansin B, were isolated from cultures of Xerula longipes and Xerula melanotricha. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopicExpand
Darlucins A and B, new isocyanide antibiotics from Sphaerellopsis filum (Darluca filum).
Two new xanthocillin type antibiotics, darlucin A (1) and B (2), were isolated from fermentations of Sphaerellopsis filum (Darluca filum). Their structures were established by spectroscopic methods.Expand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. XXXII. Strobilurin E: a new cytostatic and antifungal (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate antibiotic from Crepidotus fulvotomentosus Peck.
Strobilurin E is a novel antibiotic of the (E)-beta-methoxyacrylate (MOA) class produced by mycelial cultures of the agaric Crepidotus fulvotomentosus. In addition to an inhibition of fungalExpand
Antibiotics from basidiomycetes. XXXIII. Oudemansin X, a new antifungal E-beta-methoxyacrylate from Oudemansiella radicata (Relhan ex Fr.) Sing.
In a search for new natural variants of strobilurins and oudemansins we detected oudemansin X in the culture broth of Oudemansiella radicata. The same fungus was also found to produce strobilurin A.Expand
Favolon, a new antifungal triterpenoid from a Favolaschia species.
In our ongoing search for novel biologically active metabolites from basidiomycetes an ethiopian Favolaschia species was detected as a new producer of a series of strongly antifungal compounds.Expand
New benzodioxepin type strobilurins from basidiomycetes. Structural revision and determination of the absolute configuration of strobilurin D and related β-methoxyacrylate antibiotics
Abstract The new antifungal strobilurins I (1) and K (19) are 3,4-dihydro-2H-benzo[b][1,4]dioxepin derivatives. Their structure and stereochemistry was determined by degradation to aldehyde 3. BothExpand