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An annotated check-list of Afrotropical harvestmen, excluding the Phalaniidae (Opiliones)
A check-list of all known Afrotropical harvestmen, with exception of the family Phalangiidae, is provided. The following taxonomic changes are made: 28 generic and 45 specific synonymies, 37 newExpand
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Opiliones - kosarze (Arachnoidea)
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Harvestmen (Opiliones) from Mascarene Islands and resurrection of the family Zalmoxidae
Four species of Opiliones from Mauritius and one from RA©union are listed. The genital organs of Zalmoxomma occidentalis Roewer, Hinzuanius mauriticus Roewer, Strandia ceylonensis (Karsch) andExpand
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Interessante Weberknechtfunde aus Polen (Arachnida: Opiliones).
Interesting records of Polish harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones). Many new localities for Polish harvestmen are recorded, specifically for species whose ranges do not encompass the whole country.Expand
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Baltic amber harvestmen (Opiliones) from Polish collections
The harvestmen from Baltic amber are as far as possible described, illustrated and discussed. The following new synonyms are proposed: Sabacon claviger (Menge, 1854)=Sabacon bachofeni Roewer, 1939,Expand
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