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Prevalence of intestinal parasite infections on a national scale among primary schoolchildren in Laos
The mean blood haemoglobin level of hookworm-infected children was not lower than that of children not infected with hookworm, suggesting that nutritional factors are more important than parasite infection per se. Expand
Unlocking the Transcriptomes of Two Carcinogenic Parasites, Clonorchis sinensis and Opisthorchis viverrini
The transcriptomes of C. sinensis and O. viverrini are elucidated using a platform based on next-generation (high throughput) sequencing and advanced in silico analyses to assist in defining molecules that are essential for the development, reproduction and survival of liver flukes and/or that are linked to the development of cholangiocarcinoma. Expand
Genetic polymorphism of merozoite surface protein-1 and merozoite surface protein-2 in Plasmodium falciparum field isolates from Myanmar
Diverse allelic polymorphism of MSP-1 and Msp-2 was identified in P. falciparum field isolates from Myanmar and most of the infections were determined to be mixed infections, as was a high degree of multiplicity of infection. Expand
Prevalence of cryptosporidiosis among the villagers and domestic animals in several rural areas of Korea.
It was revealed that cryptosporidiosis was an endemic disease in some rural areas of Korea, and the livestock could be an important source of human infection. Expand
Fishborne Zoonotic Intestinal Trematodes, Vietnam
These parasites are an unrecognized food safety risk in a population with a tradition of eating raw fish and can pose a risk to human health. Expand
Mixed infections with Opisthorchis viverrini and intestinal flukes in residents of Vientiane Municipality and Saravane Province in Laos
The results indicate that O. viverrini and several species of heterophyid and lecithodendriid flukes are endemic in these two riverside localities, and suggest that the intensity of infection and the relative proportion of fluke species vary by locality along the Mekong River basin. Expand
Fish-borne zoonotic trematode metacercariae in the Republic of Korea.
  • W. Sohn
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Korean journal of parasitology
  • 26 October 2009
The author reviewed the detection and identification methods, differential keys, fish intermediate hosts, and morphological characteristics of FBT metacercariae of Clonorchis sinensis, finding members of the Heterophyidae detected in brackish water fish. Expand
Prevalence of Opisthorchis viverrini infection in humans and fish in Kratie Province, Cambodia.
Evidence is provided that the surveyed areas of Kratie Province, Cambodia, are endemic for O. viverrini infection, through adult worm recovery by experimental infection to hamsters and the status of metacercarial infection in fish hosts. Expand
Genetic polymorphism and natural selection of Duffy binding protein of Plasmodium vivax Myanmar isolates
PvDBPII of Myanmar P. vivax isolates displays a high level of genetic polymorphism and is under selective pressure, useful for understanding the nature of the P.vivax population in Myanmar and for development of PvDBP II-based vaccine. Expand
High prevalence of liver and intestinal fluke infections among residents of Savannakhet Province in Laos.
The results indicate that foodborne liver and intestinal fluke infections are prevalent among residents of Savannakhet Province, Laos. Expand