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Ultralow-Power Operation in Subthreshold Regimes Applying Clockless Logic
The application of that clockless logic approach to a military system is examined, reviewing the background of the experiment, factors considered in the comparison, and then summarizing the results of the comparisons. Expand
SPRINT: A Stationary Detector Single Photon Ring Tomograph for Brain Imaging
Improvements in Doppler ultrasonics and spectra analysis significantly increased the technical and clinical capabilities of existing simple, inexpensive instruments and new equipment to quantitate atherosclerotic lesions throughout the cardiovascular system are discussed. Expand
A method for efficient Radiation Hardening of multicore processors
This paper describes a method for developing Radiation Hardened by Design (RHBD) multicore processor Integrated Circuits (ICs) that meet specific single-event error rate targets in space environmentsExpand
Introducing SPRINT: A Single Photon Ring System for Emission Tomography
SPRINT (Single Photon RINg Tomograph) is a multiple detector single photon ring imaging device for radionuclides developed at The University of Michigan. The device employs a circular ring codedExpand
ASIC by design: automated design of digital signal processing application-specific integrated circuits
Comparing the optimized results to the baseline, we are achieving typically 10-20/spl times/ improvement in PDA. This allows gap closure to approach the optimization of a full custom design processExpand
3D integration and challenges for advanced RF and microwave systems: EDA perspective
Designing an advanced, miniaturized and reliable system utilizing RFIC and MMICs technologies and packaging design are reaching an inflection point where simulation results from multiple CAD toolsExpand
VHSIC impact on signal processing architecture
The DOD's Very High Speed I n t e g r a t e d C i r c u i t s (VHSIC) program wi 11 p rov ide advanced microelect r o n i c s components f o r use i n f u t u r e m i l i t a r y data and s igna lExpand
MSP Liberator ASIC Design Flow Produces Full Custom Performance Required for Next Generation Military Electronics
Next generation military systems and other national security applications require advanced digital signal processing electronics implemented in highly optimized ASICs with Mission Specific ProcessingExpand
3D integration and challenges for advanced RF and microwave systems: EDA perspective
Various aspects of die-package co-design becomes a mandatory aspect in the design phase to mitigate risk and foresee results before the entire system is built with a focus on advanced RF and microwave systems. Expand