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The Meaning And End Of Religion
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An attempt to elucidate the cause of growth retardation in renal disease.
Although chronic renal disease is well known as one of the most frequent causes of growth retardation in children, details of the nature of the dependence of growth on kidney function have receivedExpand
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Faith and Belief
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What is Scripture? A Comparative Approach
"Scripture" is no longer an absolute. In the last two centuries, as Westerners have become more keenly conscious of the historical character of their own biblical documents, they have also realizedExpand
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Belief and History
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Functional effects of polymorphisms of house dust mite allergens.
BACKGROUND Sequence polymorphisms have been found in cDNA clones of commercial house dust mites. Here we report on the polymorphisms of Der p 1 found in environmental mites and the effect of theExpand
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On Understanding Islam
W ith more than 1 billion adherents, Islam is the world’s second-largest religion after Christianity. Within its mainstream traditions, Islam teaches piety, virtue and tolerance. Ever since the Sept.Expand
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Faith and Belief: The Difference Between Them
The Buddhist instance - faith as atheist? the Islamic instance - faith as theocentric a Hindu contribution - Sraddha "Credo" and the Roman Catholic church - baptism, St. Thomas Aquinas, Vatican I,Expand
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Towards a world theology: Faith and the comparative history of religion
Acknowledgements - PART 1 THE HISTORY OF RELIGION: HISTORICAL - A History of Religion in the Singular - Religious Life as Participation in Process - PART 2 THE HISTORY OF RELIGION: ACADEMIC, RATIONALExpand
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