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Studies on the character and staining of fibrin
There are few satisfactory staining methods for fibrin. There are even fewer clear definitions of the material for which these methods are commended. In sections of tissue the older pathologistsExpand
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The OFG and BrAB-OFG methods for staining the adenohypophysis.
  • W. Slidders
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of pathology and bacteriology
  • 1 October 1961
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The effect of advanced old age on the neurone content of the cerebral cortex: Observations with an automatic image analyser point counting method
The effect of advanced old age on the nerve cell content of the cerebral cortex was examined in 19 non-demented persons aged 69-95 years, using a Quantimet 720 image analysing computer to make areaExpand
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Quantitation of human milk fat globule (HMFG1) expression in breast carcinoma and its association with survival.
Expression of human milk fat globule (HMFG1) in immunohistochemically stained sections of breast carcinomas was assessed subjectively and objectively from 82 women (age range 41-96 years) toExpand
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Renal hyalin
This describes the sodium sulphate-Alcian Blue (SAB) method for staining amyloid in paraffin sections. Its value lies in the possibility of subsequent counterstaining and thus of revealing theExpand
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Measurement by Quantimet 720 of the proportion of actively growing cells in tissue cultures of human lymphocytes
The size‐distribution of normal human lymphocytes growing in tissue culture was measured with a Quantimet 720 image‐analysing computer. The proportion of cells undergoing volumetric growth afterExpand
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Silver impregnation of reticulin.
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Cytological basis of histological typing of diffuse Hodgkin's disease. Demonstration of an implied misnomer in the terminology of the Rye classification.
Differential cell counts were made on nine lymph nodes whose structure was replaced by diffuse Hodgkin's disease; two of these nodes had the classical histological appearance of the lymphocyticExpand
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Measurement of the mass of syncytiotrophoblast in a range of human placentae using an image analysing computer.
Placentae from normal term pregnancies, from "normal" preterm pregnancies and from pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia have been analysed by computerized histometry. An immunoperoxidaseExpand
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