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Problem Gambling and Intimate Partner Violence
Findings underscore the importance of routinely screening gambling clients for anger and IPV, and the need to develop public policy, prevention and treatment programs to address IPV among problem gamblers. Expand
Minimal Treatment Approaches for Concerned Significant Others of Problem Gamblers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
It may be that CSOs require more guidance and follow-up support to achieve these goals using the CRAFT procedures and strategies. Expand
Patterns of substance use in treatment-seeking problem gamblers: impact on treatment outcomes.
Gambling treatment outcomes were unrelated to history of drug or medication use and gamblers are more likely to be involved with drug and medication use compared to the general population, but that such histories are not associated with gambling treatment outcomes. Expand
Public Awareness of Responsible Gambling and Gambling Behaviours in Ontario
This study reports the findings of a general population telephone survey (N =2500) conducted in Ontario, which was designed to examine behaviour, knowledge and attitudes related to responsible andExpand
Gamblers Anonymous as a Recovery Pathway: A Scoping Review
There is a need for large-scale randomized controlled trials to determine GA’s effectiveness, as well as research exploring the mechanisms through which GA works, barriers to GA as a recovery approach, and the status of women in the fellowship. Expand
“Attitude is a Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference”: Reflection Techniques for Addiction Psychiatry Training
It is suggested that reflective practices be used more extensively in psychiatric training in order to build and establish reflexive self-awareness as a core professional competence essential to work effectively in clinical practice, especially in the most demanding contexts. Expand
Relationship between gender and substance use among treatment-seeking gamblers
Very little is known about gender differences in psychoactive substance use among gamblers. In this study, 200 individuals seeking treatment for problem gambling were assessed with respect toExpand
Gamblers Anonymous: A critical review of the literature
This study surveys existing literature on Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and issues that help to contextualise our understanding of this mutual aid association. While GA has been the subject ofExpand
Comparing tobacco cigarette dependence with other drug dependencies. Greater or equal 'difficulty quitting' and 'urges to use,' but less 'pleasure' from cigarettes.
Experiential experts on dependence judge cigarette dependence as at least as "addictive" as other drug use, but not as pleasurable, indicating important similarities and differences between cigarette dependence and other forms of dependence on psychoactive substances. Expand
Prospects for smoking treatment in individuals seeking treatment for alcohol and other drug problems.
There was moderate interest in receiving smoking treatment during the alcohol or drug treatment among those who were very interested in receiving cigarette smoking treatment in general, and the importance of treating smoking in alcohol and drug using clients is discussed. Expand