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Evolutionary relationships of membrers of the generaTaphrina, Protomyces, Schizosaccharomyces, and related taxa within the archiascomycetes: Integrated analysis of genotypic and phenotypic characters
To study the phylogeny and evolution of archiascomycetes, we determined the full sequence of the nuclear 18S rRNA gene from 14Taphrina species and 2Protomyces species, and the partial sequenceExpand
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Lecanicillium and Verticillium species from Indonesia and Japan including three new species
Forty-six Lecanicillium strains and one Verticillium strain were isolated from subterranean and epiphytic arthropods, soil, and other sources collected in Indonesia and Japan. These strains wereExpand
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Characterization of dengue virus serotype 4 infection in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Dengue hemorrhagic fever has become a worldwide health issue. Heterologous infection by different serotypes may lead to severe forms of dengue infection and even death. In a cohort study in JakartaExpand
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Screening cellulose activity of yeast isolated from soil, sediment and water river from Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun, West Java, Indonesia
A total of 245 yeast isolates from Gunung Halimun National Park (GHNP) were screened for cellulolytic activity using 0.2% cellulose-azure. The results showed that 16 isolates have cellulolyticExpand
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Insecticidal Activity of Ethyl Acetate Extracts from Culture Filtrates of Mangrove Fungal Endophytes
Abstract In the search for novel potent fungi-derived bioactive compounds for bioinsecticide applications, crude ethyl acetate culture filtrate extracts from 110 mangrove fungal endophytes wereExpand
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Molecular Identification and Diversity of Yeasts Associated with Apis cerana Foraging on Flowers of Jatropha integerrima
There are only a few reports from tropical countries, and none from Indonesia, on yeasts associated with the Asiatic honeybee, Apis cerana . Here we report on yeasts associated with A. ceranaExpand
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Description of Stanieria strain of cyanobacteria isolated from hot spring in Indonesia
Stanieria strains isolated from hot springs in Indonesia were identified on the basis of the strains’ morphological, chemotaxonomy, and molecular characteristics. Based on the cell shape, the sizesExpand
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Paenibacillus cisolokensis sp. nov., isolated from litter of a geyser.
A Gram-stain-positive, endospore-forming, aerobic and thermophilic bacterium, designated strain LC2-13AT, was isolated from Cisolok geyser, West Java, Indonesia, at 50 °C. The isolate was rod-shapedExpand
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Phylogenetic positions of rust fungi parasitic on ferns: Evidence from 18S rDNA sequence analysis
Molecular phylogenetic analyses of fern rusts were carried out based on 18S rDNA sequences. We sequenced the 18S rDNAs of fern rusts (Hyalopsora polypodii andUredinopsis intermedia) and non-fernExpand
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Phylogenetic position of Mixia osmundae inferred from 28S rDNA comparison.
Mixia osmundae has been uncertain based on morphological characters and 18S rDNA sequence comparison. Here we determined the D1/D2 region sequence of 28S rDNA of M. osmundae and compared it withExpand
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