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Effects of conductivity and permittivity of nanoparticle on transformer oil insulation performance: experiment and theory
The mechanisms by which conductive and dielectric nanoparticles (NPs) trap electrons are explained by the potential well distribution caused by induced or polarized charges on NPs. Thus, theExpand
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Use of leakage currents of insulators to determine the stage characteristics of the flashover process and contamination level prediction
In order to improve the reliability of power transmission lines, one of the key issues is to reduce the hazard of contamination flashovers. Presently, the most efficient way is to clean (or replace)Expand
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Influence of thermal aging on the breakdown characteristics of transformer oil impregnated paper
For a long time, thermal effect, as a major factor for insulation aging, is a great challenge to the safe operation of power transformers. During the decades-long operation, cellulose fibersExpand
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Transient Characteristics Under Ground and Short-Circuit Faults in a ${\pm \text{500}\,\text{kV}}$ MMC-Based HVDC System With Hybrid DC Circuit Breakers
The development of voltage-source-converter (VSC)-based high-voltage direct current systems has increased significantly. Expand
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Contamination Level Prediction of Insulators Based on the Characteristics of Leakage Current
In order to assess how severe the contamination level of the surface of power line insulators and to prevent unpredictable contamination flashovers, it is important to seek optimal predictionExpand
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Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Grounding Electrode Impulse-Current Dispersal Regularity Considering the Transient Ionization Phenomenon
This paper presents a numerical method, combined the finite element method in the spatial domain with the finite difference time domain, to calculate the transient impulse response of groundingExpand
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Modeling of DC Flashover on Ice-Covered HV Insulators Based on Dynamic Electric Field Analysis
In this paper, a model based on dynamic electric field analysis has been developed to predict the flashover voltage of the ice-covered HV insulators, under dc voltage. The potential and electricExpand
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Stage pre-warning based on leakage current characteristics before contamination flashover of porcelain and glass insulators
Contamination flashover is the ultimate result of the creeping discharge of polluted insulators. Since there are close ties between the contamination flashover and the leakage currents, it isExpand
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Electrical Circuit Flashover Model of Polluted Insulators under AC Voltage Based on the Arc Root Voltage Gradient Criterion
In order to study the flashover mechanism of polluted insulators under AC voltage, a new arc propagation criterion which is based on an arc root voltage gradient is proposed. This criterion canExpand
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