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Superspace or One Thousand and One Lessons in Supersymmetry
The 1983 book, free at last, with corrections and bookmarks. From the original troff, but now with CM (TeX) fonts.
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Classical superstring mechanics
Abstract We describe the classical mechanics of the superstring in both hamiltonian and lagrangian formulations, including massless external fields. The formulation is a modification of that of GreenExpand
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Bouncing universes in string-inspired gravity
We consider the effects on cosmology of higher-derivative modifications of (effective) gravity that make it asymptotically free without introducing ghosts. The weakening of gravity at short distancesExpand
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Supersymmetric Dimensional Regularization via Dimensional Reduction
We introduce a modified form of dimensional regularization which manifestly preserves gauge invariance, unitarity, and global supersymmetry. The prescription is that the action which results fromExpand
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Improved Methods for Supergraphs
We introduce some new techniques into superfield perturbation theory which allow considerable simplifications in calculations. As a result, we show that all contributions to the effective action canExpand
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Supertwistor space for 6D maximal super Yang-Mills
Abstract6 dimensional maximal super Yang-Mills on-shell amplitudes are formulated in superspace using 6 dimensional spinors. The 3,4,5-point tree amplitudes are obtained by supersymmetrizing theirExpand
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Doubled α′-geometry
A bstractWe develop doubled-coordinate field theory to determine the α′ corrections to the massless sector of oriented bosonic closed string theory. Our key tool is a string current algebra of freeExpand
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Variant superfield representations
Abstract We discuss some variant superfield representations which can arise by the replacement of some of the usual fields in a multiplet with p-form gauge fields.
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Gauge spinor superfield as scalar multiplet
Abstract A chiral spinor superfield, with an appropriate gauge invariance, describes a scalar multiplet consisting of a scalar, an antisymmetric-tensor gauge field, a Weyl spinor, and no auxiliaryExpand
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Factorization of chiral string amplitudes
A bstractWe re-examine a closed-string model defined by altering the boundary conditions for one handedness of two-dimensional propagators in otherwise-standard string theory. We evaluate theExpand
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