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Weighing of biomolecules, single cells and single nanoparticles in fluid
Nanomechanical resonators enable the measurement of mass with extraordinary sensitivity. Previously, samples as light as 7 zeptograms (1 zg  =  10-21 g) have been weighed in vacuum, and proton-levelExpand
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Toward attogram mass measurements in solution with suspended nanochannel resonators.
Using suspended nanochannel resonators (SNRs), we demonstrate measurements of mass in solution with a resolution of 27 ag in a 1 kHz bandwidth, which represents a 100-fold improvement over existingExpand
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A miniature piezoelectric ultrasonic motor based on circular bending vibration mode
A rod-type miniature piezoelectric ultrasonic motor based on free-free bending vibration mode with improved construction was developed for application of precise positioner. The design methodology,Expand
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A micromechanical switch with electrostatically driven liquid-metal droplet
This paper presents the use of a microscale liquid-metal droplet as a contact and moving part in a micromechanical switch with electrostatic actuation. Design, FEM analysis, fabrication and testingExpand
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Measuring single cell mass, volume, and density with dual suspended microchannel resonators.
Cell size, measured as either volume or mass, is a fundamental indicator of cell state. Far more tightly regulated than size is density, the ratio between mass and volume, which can be used toExpand
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Weighing nanoparticles in solution at the attogram scale
Significance Naturally occurring and engineered nanoparticles (e.g., exosomes, viruses, protein aggregates, and self-assembled nanostructures) have size- and concentration-dependent functionality,Expand
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Electrostatically actuated metal-droplet microswitches integrated on CMOS chip
The dominance of surface tension over inertia in microscale and favorable scale effect for electrostatic actuation allow electrostatically driven metal-droplet systems practical. Because of suchExpand
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Controlling the adhesion force for electrostatic actuation of microscale mercury drop by physical surface modification
  • W. Shen, J. Kim, C. Kim
  • Materials Science
  • Technical Digest. MEMS IEEE International…
  • 7 August 2002
Under electrostatic actuation, mercury droplet can act as a contact and moving part in a microswitch system. In order to reduce the actuation voltage while keeping the electrical advantages ofExpand
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Suspended nanochannel resonators at attogram precision
Nanomechanical resonators can quantify individual particles down to a single atom; however the applications are limited due to their degraded performance in solution. Suspended micro- and nanochannelExpand
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Thermal conductivity of nanoporous bismuth thin films
The thermal conductivity of nanoporous Bi thin films has been experimentally determined. Samples are fabricated by a liquid phase deposition, and their thermal conductivities are measured by aExpand
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