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The unintended consequences of formal fisheries policies: Social disparities and resource overuse in a major fishing community in the Gulf of California, Mexico
This study investigates the local social and fisheries impact of formal fisheries policies in Bahia de Kino, one of the most important fishing villages in terms of extraction of benthic resources inExpand
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Governance and effects of marine reserves in the Gulf of California, Mexico
We trace the evolution, governance, and effects of three marine reserve (no-take zones) initiatives in the Gulf of California, Mexico: Loreto Bay National Park, Puerto Penasco, and San Pedro MartirExpand
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Land Tenure Policies, Maasai Traditions, and Wildlife Conservation in Kenya
This article discusses land ownership trends adjacent to Masai Mara National Reserve (MMNR). In recent years, the government of Kenya has adopted a policy promoting subdivision of group ranches inExpand
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Using fishers' local knowledge to aid management at regional scales: Spatial distribution of small-scale fisheries in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico
Understanding the spatial distribution of small-scale fisheries, a key step toward the formulation of sound management guidelines where these fisheries predominate, represents a challenge, asExpand
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Spawning Induction, Fecundity Estimation, and Larval Culture of Spondylus calcifer (Carpenter, 1857) (Bivalvia: Spondylidae)
ABSTRACT In this study we describe spawning induction, fecundity estimation, and the early life history of the rock scallop Spondylus calcifer under laboratory conditions. We collected adults of S.Expand
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Ecology and conservation biology of the Colorado River Delta, Mexico
The Colorado River delta in Mexico has been partially revegetated following 20 years of water flows from the United States. Lake Powell, the last major impoundment built on the river, filled in 1981.Expand
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Integrating the spatial and temporal dimensions of fishing activities for management in the Northern Gulf of California, Mexico
Fishers’ knowledge collected through a rapid appraisal process that involved semi-structured interviews in 17 fishing communities in the Northern Gulf of California, Mexico, was used to understandExpand
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Localized extinction of an arboreal desert lizard caused by habitat fragmentation
We adopted a species’ perspective for predicting extinction risk in a small, endemic, and strictly scansorial lizard (Urosaurus nigricaudus), in an old (! 60 year) and highly fragmented (8% habitatExpand
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A model for assessing wildlife habitats in urban landscapes of eastern Pima County, Arizona (USA)
The loss of large natural areas due to development has increased interest for and use of vegetated areas in urban and suburban areas for wildlife habitats. The goal of this study was to quantifyExpand
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Diets of coyotes near the boundary of Saguaro National Monument and Tucson, Arizona
Suburban developments border the NW boundary of Saguaro National Monument East (SNM), a protected area for wildlife. Developments at this boundary have created an environment with potentiallyExpand
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