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Structural Identification by Mass Spectrometry of Oxidized Phospholipids in Minimally Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein That Induce Monocyte/Endothelial Interactions and Evidence for Their Presence in
Entry of monocytes into the vessel wall is an important event in atherogenesis. Previous studies from our laboratory suggest that oxidized arachidonic acid-containing phospholipids present in mildlyExpand
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Immunochemical evidence supporting 2-pentylpyrrole formation on proteins exposed to 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal.
Previous model studies suggested the formation of lysine-based 2-pentylpyrroles as novel late adduction products formed upon exposure of proteins to the lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenalExpand
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Protein Adducts of Iso[4]levuglandin E2, a Product of the Isoprostane Pathway, in Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein*
Levuglandin (LG) E2, a cytotoxic seco prostanoic acid co-generated with prostaglandins by nonenzymatic rearrangements of the cyclooxygenase-derived endoperoxide, prostaglandin H2, avidly binds toExpand
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Total synthesis of 17-isoLevuglandin E4 and the structure of C22-PGF4alpha.
  • W. Sha, R. Salomon
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of organic chemistry
  • 25 August 2000
The isolevuglandin 17-isoLGE4 (10-acetyl-11-formyl-14-hydroxynonadeca-4(Z),7(Z),12(E),16(Z)-tetr aenoic acid) is a levulinaldehyde derivative that is expected to be generated during the freeExpand
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Novel Porous Media Formulation for Multiphase Flow Conservation Equations
1. Introduction 2. Averaging relations 3. Phasic conservation equations and interfacial balance equations 4. Local-volume-averaged conservation equations and interfacial balance equations 5. TimeExpand
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Time- and volume-averaged conservation equations for multiphase flow. Part One. System without internal solid structures. [PWR; BWR]
A set of rigorously derived conservation equations of mass, momentum, and energy for multiphase systems internal solid structures via time-volume averaging of point, instantaneous conservationExpand
EBR-II in-vessel natural-circulation analysis
The in-vessel thermal-hydraulic analysis of the EBR-II Pool Reactor for Transient Test No. 10, Phase 2, has been performed using the COMMIX-1A computer code. The analysis includes all reactorExpand
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