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Data analysis methods.
Patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of hospital care: cross sectional surveys of nurses and patients in 12 countries in Europe and the United States
In European hospitals, improvement of hospital work environments might be a relatively low cost strategy to improve safety and quality in hospital care and to increase patient satisfaction. Expand
Nurse staffing and education and hospital mortality in nine European countries: a retrospective observational study
Differences in patient to nurse ratios and nurses' educational qualifications in nine of the 12 RN4CAST countries with similar patient discharge data were associated with variation in hospital mortality after common surgical procedures, implying an increased emphasis on bachelor's education for nurses could reduce preventable hospital deaths. Expand
Nurses' reports of working conditions and hospital quality of care in 12 countries in Europe.
There was wide variation across countries in the percentages of hospital nurses that were bachelor's prepared, in patient to nurse average workloads, and skill mix, and dissatisfaction was pronounced with respect to wages, educational opportunities and opportunities for advancement. Expand
Prevalence, patterns and predictors of nursing care left undone in European hospitals: results from the multicountry cross-sectional RN4CAST study
Nursing care left undone was prevalent across all European countries and was associated with nurse-related organisational factors, suggesting that nurses develop informal task hierarchies to facilitate important patient-care decisions. Expand
Systematic review: Effects, design choices, and context of pay-for-performance in health care
One hundred twenty-eight evaluation studies provide a large body of evidence concerning the effects of P4P on clinical effectiveness and equity of care, however, less evidence on the impact on coordination, continuity, patient-centeredness and cost-effectiveness was found. Expand
Hospital nursing, care quality, and patient satisfaction: cross-sectional surveys of nurses and patients in hospitals in China and Europe.
Nursing is important in quality and safety of hospital care and in patients' perceptions of their care, and expanding the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses hold promise for improving hospital outcomes in China. Expand
Nurse forecasting in Europe (RN4CAST): Rationale, design and methodology
A multi-country, multilevel cross-sectional design is used to obtain important unmeasured factors in forecasting models including how features of hospital work environments impact on nurse recruitment, retention and patient outcomes. Expand
Patient empowerment, patient participation and patient-centeredness in hospital care: A concept analysis based on a literature review.
It can be concluded that patient empowerment is a much broader concept than just patient participation and patient-centeredness and may provide a useful framework that researchers, policy makers and health care providers can use to facilitate patient empowerment. Expand
An overview on the history and concept of care pathways as complex interventions
An overview on the history of pathways and how pathways are actually perceived and defined is provided to provide an extensive list of references that should support pathway facilitators, clinicians, managers and policy-makers in their search for excellence. Expand