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Monitoring of iodinated X-ray contrast media in surface water.
A monitoring programme was carried out in order to determine iodinated X-ray contrast media (ICM) in the River Danube and to investigate the raw water quality for drinking water production atExpand
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Removal of Iodinated X-Ray Contrast Media During Drinking Water Treatment
Environmental Context.In recent years, many micro-organic pollutants, e.g. pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCP), have been observed to be persisting through wastewater treatment andExpand
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Novel applications of highly sensitive liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry for the direct detection of ultra-trace levels of contaminants in water.
Recent advances in the sensitivity of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) instrument technology provide the basis for the direct detection, i.e. without sample pre-concentration, ofExpand
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Treatment Techniques and Analysis of Stormwater Run-off from Roads in Hamburg, Germany
The treatment of stormwater constitutes an integral part of precipitation water management in Germany. This finds its expression in a variety of treatment concepts which in turn form the basis forExpand
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Occurrence and fate of amisulpride, sulpiride, and lamotrigine in municipal wastewater treatment plants with biological treatment and ozonation.
This study examines the transformation and removal of the atypical antipsychotics amisulpride and sulpiride and the anticonvulsant lamotrigine in municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).Expand
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Microbiological characterization of aquatic microbiomes targeting taxonomical marker genes and antibiotic resistance genes of opportunistic bacteria.
The dissemination of medically relevant antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) (blaVIM-1, vanA, ampC, ermB, and mecA) and opportunistic bacteria (Enterococcus faecium/faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Expand
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Formation of oxidation by-products of the iodinated X-ray contrast medium iomeprol during ozonation.
The present work describes the investigation of the formation of oxidation by-products of the iodinated X-ray contrast medium (ICM) iomeprol during ozonation in water treatment. Bench-scaleExpand
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Identification of ozonation by-products of 4- and 5-methyl-1H-benzotriazole during the treatment of surface water to drinking water.
During the treatment of surface water to drinking water, ozonation is often used for disinfection and to remove organic trace substances, whereby oxidation by-products can be formed. Here we use theExpand
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Integrated Evaluation Concept to Assess the Efficacy of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Processes for the Elimination of Micropollutants and Pathogens.
A multidisciplinary concept has been developed to compare advanced wastewater treatment processes for their efficacy of eliminating micropollutants and pathogens. The concept is based on (i) theExpand
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A survey on trace organic chemicals in a German water protection area and the proposal of relevant indicators for anthropogenic influences
A comprehensive monitoring programme of trace organic chemicals (TOrC) was conducted for a German water protection area in karstic ground. The aim of this survey was to detect the potentialExpand
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