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The two-dimensional turbulent wall-jet
With the aid of a hot-wire anemometer, the mean velocity distribution of the incompressible, turbulent, plane wall-jet has been examined in some detail. As previously reported, this fully developed
The universal equilibrium spectra of turbulent velocity and scalar fields
Kolmogoroff's (1941) theory of local isotropy and universal similarity predicts that all turbulent velocity spectra are reducible to a single universal curve for the highest wave-numbers and that
An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
Chemistry is governed by the shell structure of the atoms. This holds in particular concerning the periodic system of chemical elements. Non-relativistic quantum chemistry describes the motion of
Dependence of the mechanical properties of actin/α-actinin gels on deformation rate
The mechanical properties of a model system consisting of actin filaments and Acanthamoeba α-actinin, one of several actin crosslinking proteins found in amoeba and other cells, are described and the results suggest another molecular mechanism that may account for the paradoxical Mechanical properties of the cortex.
Investigation of the stable interaction of a passive compliant surface with a turbulent boundary layer
The near-wall flow structure of a zero-pressure-gradient flat-plate turbulent boundary layer with a single-layer viscoelastic compliant surface was visualized using the hydrogen-bubble technique. The
The actin filament severing protein actophorin promotes the formation of rigid bundles of actin filaments crosslinked with alpha-actinin
It is proposed that actophorin promotes bundling by shortening the actin filaments enough to allow them to rotate into positions favorable for lateral interactions with each other via alpha-actinin, resulting in a network of bundles that is more rigid and less thixotropic than the corresponding network of single actin Filaments linked by alpha-Actinin.