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Short Communication: TopoToolbox 2 – MATLAB-based software for topographic analysis and modeling in Earth surface sciences
TopoToolbox has become a more memory-efficient and faster tool for basic and advanced digital terrain analysis that can be used as a framework for building hydrological and geomorphological models in MATLAB. Expand
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TopoToolbox: A set of Matlab functions for topographic analysis
TopoToolbox contains a set of Matlab functions that provide utilities for relief analysis in a non-Geographical Information System (GIS) environment. Expand
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Spatial bias in the GBIF database and its effect on modeling species' geographic distributions
We use a common Eurasian butterfly (Aglais urticae) as an exemplar taxon to provide evidence that range model quality is decreasing due to the spatial clustering of distributional records in GBIF. Expand
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Meteorological causes of Harmattan dust in West Africa
We investigated the temporal dynamics of dust entrainment in the Bodele Depression, Central Sahara, to better understand the intra-annual variability of aerosol emission in the world's largest dustExpand
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Undersampling and the measurement of beta diversity
Beta diversity is a conceptual link between diversity at local and regional scales. Various additional methodologies of quantifying this and related phenomena have been applied. Among them, measuresExpand
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Geomorphic coupling and sediment connectivity in an alpine catchment - exploring sediment cascades using graph theory
Through their relevance for sediment budgets and the sensitivity of geomorphic systems, geomorphic coupling and (sediment) connectivity represent important topics in geomorphology. Since theExpand
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Comparing measures of species diversity from incomplete inventories: an update: Measuring diversity from incomplete inventories
Summary 1. Measuring biodiversity quantitatively is a key component to its investigation, but many methods are known to be biased by undersampling (i.e. incomplete inventories), a commonExpand
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Agricultural soil erosion and global carbon cycle: controversy over?
Recent research on the contribution of soil erosion on agricultural land to atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) emphasizes either the contribution of soil organic matter (SOM) mineralization duringExpand
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Modelling the transfer of supraglacial meltwater to the bed of Leverett Glacier, Southwest Greenland
Meltwater delivered to the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet is a driver of variable ice-motion through changes in effective pressure and enhanced basal lubrication. Ice surface velocities have beenExpand
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Graph theory-recent developments of its application in geomorphology
Abstract Applications of graph theory have proliferated across the academic spectrum in recent years. Whereas geosciences and landscape ecology have made rich use of graph theory, its use seemsExpand
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