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[The size of the liver metastases in a low metastatic count. A quantitative study of postmortem livers].
In this postmortem study 34 livers with one or few "large" metastases were investigated for the presence of synchronous "small" metastase (less than 1 cm) and the relation of large to small metastases turned out to be relatively constant in most cancer types, except for colorectal cancers. Expand
[Cor triatriatum in adulthood].
In Case 1, abnormal haemodynamic findings on right-heart catheterization provided the indication for surgery and the membrane was successfully removed and the patient was much improved and cardiacCatheterization demonstrated normal values. Expand
[Studies on Salmonellosis in the calf. 5. Clinical testing of Smd-Salmonella-dublin vaccine for oral administration].
A comparison between this oral vaccine and "Mellavax" an imported vaccine for subcutaneous adminstration with good effectiveness, revealed superiority of the oral vaccine by almost all criteria of action. Expand
[Radioimmunoscintigraphy of colorectal tumors with 99m-Tc marked CEA antibodies. Indications and clinical value].
It was shown that RIS using the SPECT technique with 99m-Tc-labelled monoclonal CEA antibodies has a sensitivity of 78% in the detection of local recurrent disease in cases in which diagnostic work-up has been inconclusive. Expand
[Intracranial hematoma in old age following craniocerebral injuries].