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Input/output balance of estrogenic active compounds in a major municipal sewage plant in Germany.
24 h samples of untreated and treated wastewater were taken in parallel from a modern municipal sewage plant in southern Germany in March and June 1998. After solid phase extraction, total estrogenicExpand
Field and laboratory methods applicable to overburdens and minesoil. Final report, January 1975--December 1976
Incorporated within this manual are step-by-step procedures on field identification of common rocks and minerals; field sampling techniques; processing of rock and soil samples; and chemical,Expand
Development of a sensitive E-screen assay for quantitative analysis of estrogenic activity in municipal sewage plant effluents.
A simplified proliferation test with human estrogen receptor-positive MCF-7 breast cancer cells (E-screen assay) was optimized and validated for the sensitive quantitative determination of totalExpand
Validation and application of a rapid in vitro assay for assessing the estrogenic potency of halogenated phenolic chemicals.
The E-Screen assay serves as an in vitro tool for the detection of estrogenic activity of chemicals and extracts of environmental samples. Based on the induction of proliferation in human estrogenExpand
Substances with estrogenic activity in effluents of sewage treatment plants in southwestern Germany. 2. Biological analysis.
The proliferation test with human estrogen receptor-positive MCF-7 breast cancer cells (E-Screen assay) was applied for quantitative determination of total estrogenic activity in 24-h compositeExpand
[Seroepidemiological studies of zoonotic infections in hunters in southeastern Austria--prevalences, risk factors, and preventive methods].
The aim of this study was to investigate the seroprevalences to zoonotic pathogens in hunters, to propose preventive measures and to obtain more information about the occurrence of zoonotic pathogensExpand
Evidence that the sheep associated form of malignant catarrhal fever is caused by a herpes virus.
Out of a cow, which was infected with the sheep form of malignant catarrhal fever (MCF), blood and spleen samples were inoculated into rabbits. From the spleen cells of an infected rabbit, which wereExpand
Prevalence of swine influenza and other viral, bacterial, and parasitic zoonoses in veterinarians.
been carried out among them. Therefore, we initiated a seroepidePrevalence of Swine Influenza and Other Viral, Bacterial, miologic study that was completed recently. Our results, which and ParasiticExpand
Pitfalls in the application of enzyme-linked immunoassays for the detection of circulating trypanosomal antigens in serum samples
Abstract The experimental infection of two goats with Trypanosoma vivax trypanosomes provided samples for analysis using parasitology techniques and antigen-detection enzyme-linked immunosorbentExpand
The adhesion molecule E-cadherin and a surface antigen recognized by the antibody 9C4 are selectively expressed on erythroid cells of defined maturational stages.
The antigen expression of immature erythroid bone marrow cells was studied using two recently generated monoclonal antibodies (mAb), mAb 67A4 and 9C4, with specificities for the epithelial cellExpand