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Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of red deer (Cervus elaphus).
Genetic diversity, gene flow and drift in Bavarian red deer populations (Cervus elaphus)
The coalescent model analysis suggests that the genetic structure of Bavarian red deer used to be characterized by adrift–gene flow equilibrium and is now influenced by drift and disruption of the geneflow.
Genetic roots of the red deer (Cervus elaphus) population in Eastern Switzerland.
F(ST) values, assignment tests, correspondence analysis, and fuzzy clustering clearly pointed to Liechtenstein as the most probable source population for the red deer in eastern Switzerland, and high gene diversity in all examined populations revealed.
Molecular Phylogeny of Megaloceros giganteus — the Giant Deer or Just a Giant Red Deer?
The results of this study allow the conclusion that the European Megaloceros giganteus is more related to its modern regional counterparts of the species of Cervus elaphus than recent claims have suggested.
Differentiation of Castor fiber and Castor Canadensis by noninvasive molecular methods.
RsaI recognised two mutations, resulting in a restriction fragment length polymorphism that seems to be species specific, as could be revealed by the banding pattern in Eurasian and North American beavers.