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A quantum dot single-photon turnstile device.
Quantum communication relies on the availability of light pulses with strong quantum correlations among photons. An example of such an optical source is a single-photon pulse with a vanishingExpand
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High-Performance TiO2 -Based Electron-Selective Contacts for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells.
Thin TiO2 films are demonstrated to be an excellent electron-selective contact for crystalline silicon solar cells. An efficiency of 21.6% is achieved for crystalline silicon solar cells featuring aExpand
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Cavity-quantum electrodynamics using a single InAs quantum dot in a microdisk structure
We investigate cavity-quantum electrodynamics (QED) effects in an all-semiconductor nanostructure by tuning a single self-assembled InAs quantum dot (QD) into resonance with a high quality factorExpand
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Carrier concentration dependence of acceptor activation energy in p-type ZnO
The characteristics of an acceptor level in Sb-doped, p-type ZnO were studied using cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy as a function of hole concentration. Variable-temperature CL measurementsExpand
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Fast growth rate of epitaxial β-Ga 2 O 3 by close coupled showerhead MOCVD
Abstract We report on the growth of epitaxial β–Ga 2 O 3 thin films on c-plane sapphire substrates using a close coupled showerhead MOCVD reactor. Ga(DPM) 3 (DPM = dipivaloylmethanate),Expand
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Cascade evolution and radiative recombination of quantum dot multiexcitons studied by time-resolved spectroscopy
We resolve spatially, spectroscopically, and temporally the photoluminescence emission from single selfassembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots. The rich photoluminescence spectrum and its evolution withExpand
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Photon Correlation Spectroscopy of a Single Quantum Dot
It is by now widely accepted that various quantum dot ~QD! structures exhibit features in transport 1,2 or optical spectroscopy 3‐5 that indicate full three-dimensional confinement of carriers.Expand
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Magneto-optical properties of ring-shaped self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots
Abstract We report on measurements of the magneto-optical properties of excitons confined in ring-shaped self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots. The rings are embedded in a field-effect structureExpand
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Magnetoluminescence of highly excited InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots
We present magnetoluminescence measurements of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots (QD's) at different excitation intensities. By applying high excitation intensities, the magnetic field evolutioExpand
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Detailed investigation of TLM contact resistance measurements on crystalline silicon solar cells
Abstract The transmission line method (TLM) is often used in characterizing the contact resistance of c-Si solar cells by cutting cells into strips parallel to the busbars. When applying this methodExpand
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