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Essential Role for Mitochondrial Thioredoxin Reductase in Hematopoiesis, Heart Development, and Heart Function
It is concluded that TrxR2 plays a pivotal role in both hematopoiesis and heart function and the contribution of individual enzymes to the redox metabolism in different cell types is known. Expand
Defects of neuronal migration and the pathogenesis of cortical malformations are associated with Small eye (Sey) in the mouse, a point mutation at the Pax-6-locus
The present study shows that Pax-6 mutation has a bimodal effect upon neurogenesis in mouse: it causes a delay of premigratory neurons in a stage-, region-, and genedose-dependent manner, and Sey mutation impairs axonal growth and differentiation. Expand
Fracture mechanics and microstructure in NiTi shape memory alloys
Abstract Crack extension under static loading in pseudoplastic and pseudoelastic binary NiTi shape memory alloy (SMA) compact tension (CT) specimens was examined. Two material compositions of 50.3Expand
Type IV procollagen missense mutations associated with defects of the eye, vascular stability, brain, kidney function and embryonic or postnatal viability in the mouse, Mus musculus: An extension of
It is suggested that the spontaneous intra-orbital hemorrhages observed in the mouse to be a clinically relevant phenotype with a relatively high predictive value to identify carriers of COL4A1 orCOL4A2 mutations. Expand
A commensurate-incommensurate phase transition in iron-bearing åkermanites
Synthetic melilites on the join Ca2MgSi2O7 (åkermanite) — Ca2FeSi2O7 (iron åkermanite) with Fe/(Fe+Mg) from 0.0 to 0.7 exhibit, at room temperature, an incommensurate phase with a rectangularExpand
Characterization of MSWI fly ash through mineralogy and water extraction
This paper investigates the mineralogical characteristics of fresh, aged and hot water extracted MSWI fly ash for providing the baseline information of minerals stability which controls the releasedExpand
Landau free energy and order parameter behaviour of the α/β phase transition in cristobalite
Cristobalite, the high-temperature phase of silica, Si02 , stable between 1743 Κ and the melting point at 1898 K, exists in metastable form at lower temperatures. The cristobalite tetrahedralExpand
Interaction between undulated and Patch leads to an extreme form of spina bifida in double-mutant mice
It is reported that undulated–Patch double–mutant mice have a phenotype reminiscent of an extreme form of spina bifida occulta in humans, which shows that novel congenital anomalies such as spina Bifida can result from interaction between products of independently segregating loci. Expand
Alternative mechanisms for trafficking of lysosomal enzymes in mannose 6-phosphate receptor-deficient mice are cell type-specific.
Surprisingly, the ability of MPR-deficient cells to transport newly synthesized lysosomal enzymes to lYSosomes and the underlying mechanisms were found to depend on the cell type, and recapture by hepatocytes is remarkably effective in vivo and can result in lysOSomal enzyme levels even above normal. Expand
Expression of neu/c-erbB-2 in human brain tumors.
In summary, 3B5 immunoreaction was most prominent in astrocytomas of different grades of malignancies and in meningiomas, and was not correlated with the postoperative relapse-free interval or with the overall length of survival. Expand