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NOX4 activity is determined by mRNA levels and reveals a unique pattern of ROS generation.
NOX4 probably generates O(2)(-) within an intracellular compartment that is accessible to NBT (Nitro Blue Tetrazolium), but not to DHE or ACP, whereas a robust signal was observed with NBT.
The emerging role of FOXO transcription factors in pancreatic beta cells.
This review on the role of FOXO transcription factors in pancreatic beta cells has three parts: structure, molecular mechanisms of regulation, cellular functions, and physiological roles, and it is attempted to combine general and beta cell-specific knowledge with the aim to envisage globally the roleof FOXO factors in Beta cell-linked physiology and disease.
Glucose and carbachol generate 1,2-diacylglycerols by different mechanisms in pancreatic islets.
Although protein kinase C may be activated by both carbachol and glucose, the two secretagogues generate diacylglycerols through different mechanisms, suggesting increased de novo synthesis of the putative second messenger rather than its formation by inositol phospholipid hydrolysis.
Transcriptional response of pancreatic beta cells to metabolic stimulation: large scale identification of immediate-early and secondary response genes
This study brings a comprehensive description of the transcriptional response occurring after beta cell stimulation, as well as new mechanistic insights concerning the AP-1 transcription factor.
Glucose and glucoincretin peptides synergize to induce c‐fos, c‐jun, junB, zif‐268, and nur‐77 gene expression in pancreatic β(INS‐1) cells
It is suggested that the synergistic effect of glucose and glucoincretins on IEG expression plays an important role in the adaptive processes of the β‐cell to hyperglycemia.
Differential expression of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide/vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor subtypes in clonal pituitary somatotrophs and gonadotrophs.
The coexpression of different PVRs in the same cell type and the differential expression of Pvrs in different cell types would allow for a complex regulation of anterior pituitary gland function by PACAP and VIP.
Proton currents in human granulocytes: regulation by membrane potential and intracellular pH.
The results demonstrate that granulocytic HL‐60 cells possess a voltage‐gated and pHi‐sensitive H+ conductance, which may play a role in pHi homeostasis of granulocytes during microbial killing.