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S4-based voltage sensors have three major conformations
Voltage sensors containing the charged S4 membrane segment display a gating charge vs. voltage (Q–V) curve that depends on the initial voltage. The voltage-dependent phosphatase (Ci-VSP), which doesExpand
‘Second-Generation’ Mephedrone Analogs, 4-MEC and 4-MePPP, Differentially Affect Monoamine Transporter Function
The nonmedical use of synthetic cathinones is increasing on a global scale. 4-Methyl-N-methylcathinone (mephedrone) is a popular synthetic cathinone that is now illegal in the United States and otherExpand
Unifying Concept of Serotonin Transporter-associated Currents*
Background: hSERT is a neurotransmitter transporter driven by ion gradients with electroneutral stoichiometry but rheogenic properties. Results: hSERT displays coupled and uncoupled currents. TheExpand
Charge movement of a voltage-sensitive fluorescent protein.
The N-terminus of Ciona intestinalis (Ci-VSP) is a voltage-sensing domain (VSD) controlling the activity of a phosphatase domain on the C terminus. By replacing the phosphatase domain with a tandemExpand
The Selectivity Filter of the Voltage-gated Sodium Channel Is Involved in Channel Activation*
Amino acids located in the outer vestibule of the voltage-gated Na+ channel determine the permeation properties of the channel. Recently, residues lining the outer pore have also been implicated inExpand
Inflammatory mediators in relation to the development of multiple organ failure in patients after severe blunt trauma.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the posttraumatic course of several inflammatory mediators or markers (complement components C3, C3a, terminal complement complex, thromboxane B2, C-reactive protein, elastase,Expand
Serotonin-transporter mediated efflux: A pharmacological analysis of amphetamines and non-amphetamines
The physiological function of neurotransmitter transporter proteins like the serotonin transporter (SERT) is reuptake of neurotransmitter that terminates synaptic serotoninergic transmission. SERTExpand
The Mechanistic Basis for Noncompetitive Ibogaine Inhibition of Serotonin and Dopamine Transporters*
Background: Ibogaine is a noncompetitive inhibitor of SERT that stabilizes the transporter in an inward-open conformation. Results: Ibogaine binds to a site accessible from the cell exterior thatExpand
Sensing charges of the Ciona intestinalis voltage-sensing phosphatase
Voltage control over enzymatic activity in voltage-sensitive phosphatases (VSPs) is conferred by a voltage-sensing domain (VSD) located in the N terminus. These VSDs are constituted by four putativeExpand
A Molecular Switch between the Outer and the Inner Vestibules of the Voltage-gated Na+ Channel*
Voltage-gated ion channels are transmembrane proteins that undergo complex conformational changes during their gating transitions. Both functional and structural data from K+ channels suggest thatExpand