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Effects of Cognitive Complexity on the Perceived Importance of Communication Skills in Friends
This study assessed individual differences in the value that college students placed on communication skills exhibited by same-sex peers. Participants (N = 410) rated items tapping eight differentExpand
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Academic Stress, Supportive Communication, and Health
Academic stress is associated with a variety of negative health outcomes, including depression and physical illness. The current study examined the capacity of supportive communication reported asExpand
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How gender and cognitive complexity influence the provision of emotional support: A study of indirect effects
The current study examined the extent to which cognitive complexity—a well known predictor of message behavior—mediated sex differences in the production of person‐centered comforting messages. TwoExpand
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Consistencies in theoretical and naive evaluations of comforting messages
Prior research on comforting communication from the constructivist perspective has employed a hierarchical system of message analysis to classify different comforting strategies; within this system,Expand
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Similarity in the communication skills of young adults: Foundations of attraction, friendship, and relationship satisfaction
The current paper reports a study assessing how similarities in levels of social‐cognitive and communication skills affected friendship choices by young adults. Participants (208 college students)Expand
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Most previous research concerned with comforting communication skills has studied comforting by having subjects respond to hypothetical situations. A major goal of the present study was to examineExpand
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Men's and Women's Evaluations of Communication Skills in Personal Relationships: When Sex Differences Make a Difference and when they don't
Much recent research on gender and communication has emphasized differences in men's and women's communicative conduct, with some theorists going so far as to claim that men and women constituteExpand
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College Students’ Use of Energy Drinks, Social Problem-Solving, and Academic Performance
Abstract Energy drink (ED) use among college students to improve academic performance (AP) has skyrocketed. A growing body of literature indicates that the risks associated with ED use may outweighExpand
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The role of facework in younger and older adults’ evaluations of social support messages
Two studies assessed younger and older adults’ evaluations of emotional‐ and instrumental‐support messages. Specifically, these studies investigated (a) individuals’ perceptions of support messagesExpand
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