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Two-gap state density in MgB(2): a true bulk property or a proximity effect?
We report on the temperature dependence of the quasiparticle density of states in the simple binary compound MgB(2) directly measured using scanning tunneling microscope (STM). To achieve highExpand
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy on the novel superconductor CaC6.
We present scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of the newly discovered superconductor CaC6. The tunneling conductance spectra, measured between 3 and 15 K, show a clear superconducting gapExpand
Anodic bonded graphene
We show how to prepare graphene samples on a glass substrate with the anodic bonding method. In this method, a graphite precursor in flake form is bonded to a glass substrate with the help of anExpand
Nanometer scale mapping of the density of states in an inhomogeneous superconductor
Using high-speed scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS), we perform a full mapping of the quasiparticle density of states (DOS) in single crystals of Bi2 − xPbxSr2CaCu208 + δ. The measurements carriedExpand
Quasiparticle spectra of 2 H -NbSe 2 : Two-band superconductivity and the role of tunneling selectivity
We have studied the superconducting state of 2H−NbSe2 by scanning tunneling spectroscopy along two different crystal orientations, the c and the a/b axes. Along the c axis a large gap is dominant inExpand
Disorder effects in pnictides: a tunneling spectroscopy study.
We present the synthesis and the tunneling spectroscopy study of superconducting FeSe(0.5)Te(0.5) (T(c) = 14 K), SmFeAsO(0.85) (T(c) = 54 K) and SmFeAsO(0.9)F(0.1) (T(c) = 45 K). The samples wereExpand
Beyond Tersoff and Hamann: A generalized expression for the tunneling current
We present an analytical method for treating the tunneling current between a probe tip and a sample in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). The choice of a highly idealized tip permits a directExpand
Spatial and energy variation of the local density of states in the charge density wave phase of 2H–NbSe2
Using low‐temperature scanning tunneling microscopy, detailed aspects of the charge density wave state in 2H–NbSe2 have been investigated by exploiting both the spectroscopic and topographic mode.Expand
Step-step interactions on copper vicinal surfaces
Abstract STM images of clean vicinal copper surfaces are presented. The order of magnitude of the diffusion coefficient deduced from these images show that they reflect the structure of the surfaceExpand