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Perspectives and research advances on the Thermogenesis
The concept of floral thermogenesis is summarized and put forward for the first time in domestic research field, an active process of heat production and favorable for plant reproductive development.
Tectonic subsidence and prospect of ground subsidence control in Tianjin area
By the means of Quaternary geology, statistical geomorphology and historical bench mark investigation, the background of tectonic subsidence and the prospects of the subsidence control in Tianjin
Modeling and analysis of CSAMT field source effect and its characteristics
Controlled-source audio-frequency magnetotellurics (CSAMT) has been a highly successful geophysical tool used in a variety of geological exploration studies for many years. However, due to the
Analysis of 437 ADR Cases in Our Hospital
It is suggested that ADR monitoring work should be exactly carried out especially when antibiotic and the Chinese medicine injections be used, so as to reduce and avoid the occurrence of more severe ADR.
Historic Landform in Central Hebei Plain and Causes of Formation of Baiyangdian Lake
On the basis of the Shunzhi Relief Map published in 1926,the historic landform in the North China Plain is studied and a large quantity of special geomorphic units—dish-shaped pits are discovered in