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Principles of mathematical analysis
Chapter 1: The Real and Complex Number Systems Introduction Ordered Sets Fields The Real Field The Extended Real Number System The Complex Field Euclidean Spaces Appendix Exercises Chapter 2: Basic
Real and complex analysis
Preface Prologue: The Exponential Function Chapter 1: Abstract Integration Set-theoretic notations and terminology The concept of measurability Simple functions Elementary properties of measures
Fourier Analysis on Groups
In the late 1950s, many of the more refined aspects of Fourier analysis were transferred from their original settings (the unit circle, the integers, the real line) to arbitrary locally compact
Function Theory in the Unit Ball of Cn
Preliminaries.- The Automorphisms of B.- Integral Representations.- The Invariant Laplacian.- Boundary Behavior of Poisson Integrals.- Boundary Behavior of Cauchy Integrals.- Some Lp-Topics.-
Function theory in polydiscs
Some theorems on Fourier coefficients
where P is given by (1.1)? If one allows the coefficients Cn to be complex numbers of absolute value 1, an affirmative answer to the question is furnished by the partial sums of the series ZE