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A Comparative Analysis of Potential Nitrification and Nitrate Mobility in Forest Ecosystems
The controls of potential nitrogen mineralization, nitrate production, and nitrate mo- bilization in a wide range of forest ecosystems were investigated through a combination of field and laboratoryExpand
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Soil-atmosphere exchange of nitrous oxide, nitric oxide, and methane under secondary succession of pasture to forest in
We investigated changes in soil-atmosphere flux of CH4, N2O, and NO resulting from the succession of pasture to forest in the Atlantic lowlands of Costa Rica. We studied a dozen sites intensively forExpand
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Environmental amenities and agricultural land values: a hedonic model using geographic information systems data
Abstract Remote agricultural lands, which include wildlife habitat, angling opportunities and scenic vistas, command higher prices per hectare in Wyoming than those whose landscape is dominated byExpand
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The biogeochemistry of calcium at Hubbard Brook
AbstractA synthesis of the biogeochemistry of Ca was done during 1963–1992in reference and human-manipulated forest ecosystems of the Hubbard BrookExperimental Forest (HBEF), NH. Results showed thatExpand
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Ecosystem Succession and Nutrient Retention: A Hypothesis
velopment of ecosystems were presented in Odum's very important paper, "The Strategy of Ecosystem Development" (1969). This series of hypotheses has helped to organize thinking on ecosystem dynamicsExpand
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Loss of mass and chemical change in decaying boles of a subalpine balsam fir forest
Decay of balsam fir (Abies balsamea) boles was examined in an upper subalpine forest of the White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA. Fifty percent of the initial mass was lost in 23 yr; 90% was lost inExpand
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Nitrate Losses from Disturbed Ecosystems
A systematic examination of nitrogen cycling in disturbed forest ecosystems demonstrates that eight processes, operating at three stages in the nitrogen cycle, could delay or prevent solution lossesExpand
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Complementary Models for Ecosystems
  • W. Reiners
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  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 January 1986
The ecosystem level of ecological research is fraught with conceptual difficulties that have contributed to faltering progress in theoretical development. An acceptance of multiple models forExpand
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Tropical rain forest conversion to pasture: Changes in vegetation and soil properties
The effect of converting lowland tropical rainforest to pasture, and of subsequent succession of pasture lands to secondary forest, were examined in the Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica. Three replicateExpand
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Effect of pasture age on soil trace-gas emissions from a deforested area of Costa Rica
MEASUREMENTS of the flux of nitrous oxide—an important green-house gas—from recently formed pasture in the Amazon basin have shown a threefold increase relative to the flux from the original forestExpand
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