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Kornfeinung von Reinstkupfer durch Chemische Zusaetze, Teil 1
  • W. Reif
  • Materials Science
  • 1 November 1993
The paper deals with the possibilities of grain refinement of superpure copper by additions of elements of the groups IIa through VIIIa an IIb through VIb of the periodic table as well as iron asExpand
Kornfeinung von Aluminium-Gusslegierungen
Procedes d'affinement du grain des alliages de moulage d'aluminium. Influence des elements titane et bore, aussi bien separement qu'en combinaison. Essais sur des alliages techniques. Influenre deExpand
75 Jahre Kornfeinung : Marschroute Spitzen-Technik
The work presents on overwiew on the current situation of grain refinement. It provides a chronological summary of the development of grain refinement of aluminium and copper and describes theExpand
Kornfeinung von Reistkupfer durch chemische Zusätze. III
In part III, studies on the grain refining of superpure copper were carried out using melt additions of transition metal, metal borides together with Ca and Al as a function of the additions ofExpand
Die Agglomeration der bei der Kornfeinung in Aluminiumschmelzen vorhandenen TiB2-Phase
The agglomeration of the TiB 2 -phase which has been added to molten aluminium for the grain refinement The particle size distribution of the TiB 2 -phase in molten aluminium refined with an AlTiBExpand
Untersuchungen zum Aushärtungsverhalten der Legierung G-AlZn10Si8Mg. Teil 2: TEM-Untersuchungen
Precipitation hardening behavior of quaternary aluminium alloy containing 10 wt.% zinc, 8 wt.% silicon and 0.3 wt.% magnesium was investigated in ascast condition as well as after ageing at cold andExpand