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Resveratrol in raw and baked blueberries and bilberries.
Although blueberries and bilberries were found to contain resveratrol, the level of this chemoprotective compound in these fruits was <10% that reported for grapes, and cooking or heat processing of these berries will contribute to the degradation of resver atrol. Expand
Adolescent Interactions With Gangs, Family, and Neighborhoods
This qualitative article explores the experiences of two Mexican American families. Both families live in impoverished urban neighborhoods where violence and gang activity are common. Both familiesExpand
Detection of aluminum residue in fresh and stored canned beer
The United States produces about 200 million barrels of beer each year from which a large percentage is packaged into aluminum cans. It is important to identify the possible effects a particularExpand
A Critical Analysis of Telemarketing Fraud in a Gated Senior Community
ABSTRACT Fraudulent telemarketers have increasingly victimized older citizens (in this study, age 56 and older). This study tested key variables reported in the literature as being related to elderlyExpand
Effects of moisture content, hybrid variety, kernel size, and microwave wattage on the expansion volume of microwave popcorn.
This study investigated several independent variables affecting the expansion volume of microwave popcorn, finding the large-capacity bag and the 1000-watt microwave oven produced the greatest expansion volume. Expand
An After‐School Program on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Elementary School Children
Children and parents reported healthier eating and an increase in physical activity as a result of the children’s participation in the Food and Fitness Fun Education Program. Expand
Effects of bag capacity, storage time and temperature, and salt on the expansion volume of microwave popcorn
This study investigated the effects on the poppability of microwave popcorn of (a) different-capacity microwavable bags, (b) different storage times and temperatures employed to expose corn andExpand
Perceptions of Elderly Self‐Neglect: A Look at Culture and Cohort
Significant variables identified in both models are: having a daily caloric intake of fewer than 1,000 calories, avoiding friends and social events, drinking three to four alcoholic drinks at social occasions, and working part-time. Expand